CrossFit 416 Daily – Saturday, April 11

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CrossFit 416 Daily – Saturday, April 11

News and Notes:

  • The first week of the new cycle is complete.  Make proper recovery part of your routine so that you can keep up with the required intensities.


In partners complete as many rounds as possible in 14 min

50 x Thruster (75/55)

50 x Box Jump overs

50 x Toes to Bar

*One partner works at a time, split reps evenly.


CF 416 Endurance Homework WOD


1. Warm up #1 or  #2 

2. WOD:                  
                  Repeat 200m’s
                  3x (5x200m)
                   Rest : Run recovery – 1 minute 30 seconds per each run & rest.

** Scaling option is 2 minutes if you cannot finish 200m run and have time to rest.

** You should be resting for roughly 30 seconds each round. 

3. Jog home and have a beer, or a nap, or a big meal (stretch those legs out over the weekend)

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