CrossFit 416 Daily – Monday, March 26th

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CrossFit 416 Daily – Monday, March 26th

News and Notes: New Cycle Starting and Testing Week

Now that the 2018 Open is over (so bittersweet), we will be starting a new cycle of programming with a focus on body awareness, control of our lifts and strength and stability in all planes of movement.

Strength work: For back squats & pressing movements we will introduce tempo work. Each pull for deadlift days will be taken from the dead position.

Olympic Lifting: Will vary between power and full variations and will also include pause work to focus on proper positions and coordination during dynamic movement.

Gymnastics: All dedicated skill work days will include the strict variations of the movement to build a strong foundation and better body awareness. Kipping variations will be seen in WOD’s for the purpose of increasing work capacity.

Testing week starts on Monday the 26th, make sure to log all of your weights used and scores in Wodify to track your progress. Happy sweating!



In 12 minutes, determine a 1 rep max Power Clean



For time:

15-12-9 reps

Hang power clean (@ 50% from strength)

Ring Dips

Double unders (3x the amount of reps)

The Holy Trinity of Holistic Training

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