CrossFit 416 Cup Recap

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CrossFit 416 Cup Recap

On November 19th, even CrossFit Games champs Rich Froning and Ben Smith were relegated to the parking lot, as a jam-packed gym saw ten teams of CF 416 members go head-to-head in a bid to hoist the first ever CrossFit 416 Cup.

During the heat of competition, we saw a number of PRs being lifted during the CrossFit Total workout, where the teams combined to lift the equivalent of an adult African elephant. This edition of the Members Comp was the most exciting yet, with the lead changing numerous times throughout the competition.

You guys also outdid yourself with the costumes this year, with entries ranging from homages to Harambe, senior citizens, steroid-pushing doctors, and Marino doubling as Coach Rachel. On the sidelines, members refueled themselves with snacks provided by Coach Robyn, our dietitian Emilie, Tim Hortons coffee and donuts made possible by Greg Hiltz, and various BSN products provided by Sara Solomon. Dr. Paul also provided his therapy services for any members needing a boost in performance that couldn’t be remedied by the pill-pushing members of the Rx team.

In the end, it was the Bad Hombres who had the honour to hoist the cup for the first time. In the final head-to-head workout, which saw 3 teams take to the start because of a tie in the semi-final, Paul Collins gave the Bad Hombres a gap right out of the gate by cranking the pedals of the Assault Bike so hard it nearly turned into an actual bike (One of the Assault bikes broke a few days later, but we’ll leave that connection up for debate).

Congratulations to the winners, and a huge thank you to our amazing team of volunteers, who helped make things move smoothly by arranging all of the equipment needed for each workout. Another massive thank you to everyone who came out to participate, support, or helped to provide prizes for the members. Start thinking of costume ideas and ways to wrest that cup from Greg’s hands for next year’s edition!

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