Health and Fitness Assessment: Check your Bank Statement

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Health and Fitness Assessment: Check your Bank Statement

When we’re looking to save money, and cut household costs, most people will do an analysis of their bank and credit card statements to see what things they can eliminate or reduce from their monthly expenses.

What if I told you that your bank and credit card statements could also provide insight into your health and fitness. It seems like a strange place to look to see how healthy you are, but the results can be eye opening.

Download your statements and add up the following positive and negative purchases.



Restaurants – this one is easy – how much money did you spend on food choices that could be considered “unhealthy”? Fried, Desserts, Fast food, ubereats, corner store snacks??

Coffee Shops – Elaborate sugar filled coffees or teas, that are accompanied by a little treat certainly add up financially, but also negatively towards your fitness.

Alcohol – How much money did you spend on drinking and partying,

Cigarettes, Marijuana, Other – Your statements may not show all of these (for obvious reasons), but if you are using drugs recreationally, how much are spending each month?



Gym Membership – Assuming you used it, what did you spend on your physical fitness?

Self Care – Yoga, massage, spa – self care is critical to your health and recovery.

Recreation – Playing sports or taking part in recreational activities always has a positive effect on your health and fitness

Nutrition Coaching – Do you use a nutritionist, online program, or food guide?

Vacation – Time off is critical to control stress levels, have you spent money on yourself to take a break?


A lot of people point to cost as the biggest hurdle when looking at purchasing a gym membership, working with a personal trainer, or using a nutrition coach. If you’re spending more of your money on things that will have a negative effect on your health and fitness, you will always face an uphill battle to reaching your goals.

Do you have a budget for health and fitness?

Do you want help putting your money to good use? Let’s create a plan. Book a free consultation today.

– Dan

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