CF 416 Running WOD

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CF 416 Running WOD

Are you an avid runner?

Do you hate running but want to improve on it?

Do you like being outside in the nice weather getting a sweat/tan on?’re in luck!  Starting on Wednesday, June 4th CrossFit 416 Running WOD will take participants through an hour long running workout every Wednesday and Saturday throughout the summer and fall.

The sessions are free to current members, and are open to non-members for a $10 per session fee.  The sessions will be held at the following times:

Wednesday, 7pm-8pm

Saturday, 10am-11am


What to expect:

The one-hour class will consist of a warm up, running work out and a cool down. The warm up will be 10-15 minutes long involving dynamic stretching, running drills and will highlight proper running mechanics. The running work out will vary from wind sprints, hills, stadiums, fartleks, speed work, intervals and the occasional fast tempo run.  After the running work out we will  cool down  with targeted static stretching.

Our very own Alanna Kelly will be coaching the classes.  Here is a little running bio, that Alanna provided.

“My running history started at a young age when I first started track and field through the club level in Ontario. I competed at the Junior Canadian National championship at the age of 16 in the heptathlon (7 events) and won OFSAA in high jump. I also participated in pretty much any sport that involved running. After this I continued to train in multi-events and accepted a track and field scholarship at the University of Windsor. Here my main events were high jump and the pentathlon (5 events). After working through some injuries I qualified for the Senior Canadian National championship at the age of 21 in the heptathlon.  I have also led and organized the Whistler, B.C., and Toronto Lululemon Athletica run clubs.

I hope to be able to motivate and elevate individuals to run to their potential while pushing them through proper form and technique.”


Make sure you sign-up online via Mindbody to book your spot in the class.

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