CF 416 Daily – Wednesday, June 18

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CF 416 Daily – Wednesday, June 18



Skill Progression

OTM x 10



15 Min AMRAP

3 x Power Clean (175/115)

+3 Rounds

5 x Pull-up

10 x Push-up

15 x Air Squat

*1 Full round consists of 3 reps power clean and 3 sets of pull-ups, push-ups, squats

*Scale Pull-ups with Ring Rows 


Running WOD (7pm)

1)Warm-up: Jog to Little Norway Park, (Dynamic, strides, ABC strides, lunges)

2)Run:   Timed Intervals (roughly 300m 200m 100m)

3)Cool Down: Jog back to 416, static stretches


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