CF 416 Daily – Wednesday, August 20

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CF 416 Daily – Wednesday, August 20



Spend 15 min working on a few gymnastics or olympic lifting movements



“Nasty Girls”

For time:

3 Rounds

50 x Air Squats

7 x Muscle-up

10 x Hang Power Clean (135/95)

*Muscle-up scaling options:

1)Max Muscle ups in 2 min

2)7 x Strict Pull-ups + 7 turnovers + Ring dips on low rings

3)14 x Kipping Pull-ups + 14 Ring Dips

3)5 x Negative Pull-up + 10-15 push-ups or bench dips


Run WOD (6:30pm)

Tempo: Outside 416.

Warm up: Dynamic (mountain climbers, grape vine, hip openners), strides, ABCs, strides.

WOD: Repeat 200m’s. 2sets x 6runs for time and timed rest recovery on the minute. *Score = total time.

Cool down: Static Stretches & roll out.

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