CF 416 Daily – Saturday, August 16

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CF 416 Daily – Saturday, August 16



In teams of 2 with 15 min on the clock

Run 1500m

With time remaining time complete AMRAP

20 Wall Balls(20/14)

20 Burpee Box Jumps(24/20)

*Partners complete the run together

*During AMRAP, one partner works, one partner rests

*Split reps anyway


Run WOD (10am only)

Speed: Southern Liner Park.

Warm up: dynamic (leg kicks, mountain climbers), strides, ABCs, strides.

WOD: Fartleks 10-20-40-60-80-60-40-20-10.

Cool down: jog back to 416 and roll out. 

*Score = total laps.


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