CF 416 Daily – May 8

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CF 416 Daily – May 8



OTM x 8

Back Squat

3 reps @ 80% of 3RM – check the whiteboard

7 x KB Swing (eye level)(53/35)

*We did this two weeks ago with 80% of your 5RM, so let’s ramp it up a bit

*If you don’t know your 3RM take 70% of 1RM



Barbell Complex (compare to March 30) – view whiteboard

5 sets

Back Squat x 5 reps

Barbell Lunge x 6 reps – 3 each leg

Barbell Step-ups x 6 (20/16) – watch this video

*Increase weight each set

*score is heaviest weight used

*rest as needed between sets

*Increase weight from last time


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