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Vladimir Safonov’s Olympic Weightlifting Seminar Recap

My weekend with Vladimir

On December 17th and 18th, I attended Vladimir Safonov’s Olympic weightlifting seminar. In case you’re wondering who that is, he is the coach of the Russian women’s Olympic Weightlifting team. One of his lifters is an Olympic gold medallist. The prospect of spending 10 hours a day lifting with him made me ecstatic—and also slightly nervous.

As soon as I got a barbell in my hands, those fears dissipated. There is no better place for me than on a platform lifting. After a quick intro and warmup, the next 3 hours were dedicated to barbell technique work. That’s right! 3 hours with nothing but a barbell and I loved every second! The next 7 hours were dedicated to light pulling work with different lifts involving the snatch, the clean, and the jerk. Along the way, Safonov made technical adjustments to everyone’s form, including yours truly. But once those changes were made, and the pattern was ingrained, my lifts felt like they hadn’t in a very long time. Safonov was clearly prepping us for an intense second day.

Day 2; what can I say about day 2?! We spent more time with full versions of the classic lifts, and those of us that showed good form on the first day were encouraged to go heavier. And did we ever… It was a seriously savage day. Safonov really pushed us with the movements. Complexes, pauses, and squatting were the theme of the day. At the end of it all, we got to sit down and learn directly from him through a Q and A.

Looking back at the weekend, it was easy to see why I ended up waking up the most sore I’ve ever been that following Monday. But it was totally worth it! Getting the chance to work with someone at that level, who values technique so highly, and who understands how much just half an inch of adjustment makes was an absolutely incredible experience. It has made me a better athlete and a better coach. I look forward to sharing all of my newfound knowledge and information with all of those looking to learn more. Approach me, or come join me in a Six Lifts or Olympic weightlifting class.

See you on the platform!


CrossFit 416 Blood Drive






CrossFit 416 Family,

We’re kicking off the New Year with exciting new things. One of our most anticipated events, along with the annual Lifestyle Challenge, is our first ever Blood Drive Campaign.

The guidelines and restrictions to become a regular blood donor have recently changed. To make this process safer for women, a female donor will no longer be able to donate every 8 weeks like men. Female donors should allow more time to pass between donations so that iron levels don’t go too low. Because of less frequent donations, in Ontario alone 6000 new donors are needed and our blood banks are seeing an impact.

CrossFit 416 is on a mission to give back and with such an amazing community we can all come together with the end goal of donating 416 pints of blood. Every time you go donate blood, post about it on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and let one of the coaches know. Your name will go up on our donors list and you’ll be entered into a monthly raffle. Get your friends, family and coworkers involved as well. If you encourage someone to go donate blood, your name will go up again on our donors list. The more donations you accumulate, the more times your name goes up on the wall and the more time you will be entered to win monthly draw prizes.


Get involved in spreading the word through social media by using the following #Hashtag every time you post a picture of you or a friend giving blood;



If we get 100 members involved and every member gets 4-5 other people to donate, we can hit our goal of 416 pints in no time. Let’s make this happen.

The CrossFit 416 X CBS Campaign will launch on Sunday January the 8th. Everyone will receive information on how to go about donating and more information on how to get involved.


Here’s a recap:

Who : All Crossfit 416 Members + Family and Friends

What: Give blood

Why: Because the CBS blood bank is suffering due to newly implemented donor guidelines and restrictions. It’s also an amazing way for our Crossfit community to get involved in something great.

When: January 8th – until we reach 416 pints!

Where: College St, Bloor St, or King st. Locations are a few of many different CBS locations around Toronto and the GTA.

How: Attend our seminar on January 8th at Crossfit 416 for more info and after that, go give blood at any time that works for you!


Here is a list of FAQs on the Canadian Blood Services website:


CrossFit 416 Cup Recap

On November 19th, even CrossFit Games champs Rich Froning and Ben Smith were relegated to the parking lot, as a jam-packed gym saw ten teams of CF 416 members go head-to-head in a bid to hoist the first ever CrossFit 416 Cup.

During the heat of competition, we saw a number of PRs being lifted during the CrossFit Total workout, where the teams combined to lift the equivalent of an adult African elephant. This edition of the Members Comp was the most exciting yet, with the lead changing numerous times throughout the competition.

You guys also outdid yourself with the costumes this year, with entries ranging from homages to Harambe, senior citizens, steroid-pushing doctors, and Marino doubling as Coach Rachel. On the sidelines, members refueled themselves with snacks provided by Coach Robyn, our dietitian Emilie, Tim Hortons coffee and donuts made possible by Greg Hiltz, and various BSN products provided by Sara Solomon. Dr. Paul also provided his therapy services for any members needing a boost in performance that couldn’t be remedied by the pill-pushing members of the Rx team.

In the end, it was the Bad Hombres who had the honour to hoist the cup for the first time. In the final head-to-head workout, which saw 3 teams take to the start because of a tie in the semi-final, Paul Collins gave the Bad Hombres a gap right out of the gate by cranking the pedals of the Assault Bike so hard it nearly turned into an actual bike (One of the Assault bikes broke a few days later, but we’ll leave that connection up for debate).

Congratulations to the winners, and a huge thank you to our amazing team of volunteers, who helped make things move smoothly by arranging all of the equipment needed for each workout. Another massive thank you to everyone who came out to participate, support, or helped to provide prizes for the members. Start thinking of costume ideas and ways to wrest that cup from Greg’s hands for next year’s edition!

Six Lifts Competition Update

Six Lifts Update

On Saturday October 2nd, Six Lifts took over North Bay to compete at the Ray Hamilton Classic. More importantly, Chuck and Whitney competed in their first ever competition. It was an exciting experience for everyone—especially North Bay! All jokes aside, after a lot of hard work, both Chuck and Whitney placed third in their weight class, and made some new fans along the way. We are very proud of them, and can’t wait for the next competition. See you on the platform.



CrossFit 416 Classic Wrap-up

416 Classic Update

The second CrossFit 416 Classic is in the books. Friday, September 23rd will enter the 416 history books as another fun-filled night with some great performances to boot. It was great to see a lot of first timers step outside their comfort zone to compete and have some fun doing so. There were a lot of PRs, great fight songs, lots of laughs, and two champions!! Among the women’s lifters, Clancy took home this year’s prize and among the men Scott Enright repeated as champion, with Alex Huras finishing only a few pounds behind. We’re looking forward to next year’s battle, boys!

A sincere thank-you to all who competed, our awesome volunteers, and those that came by to watch. We couldn’t have made this happen without you guys; you all made it a great experience.



Endurance Update – Fall 2016

What a month it has been in Endurance!

A big round of applause for Derya as she completed a monstrous mountain run of 42 km in 13 hours in Turkey! Fatima ran the 10km Longboat Race and finished with a time of 54:04 and demolished her goal of sub 56:00, she now has her sight set on a 15km race before the end of the season. Grant is well on his way to crushing his 5km time of 23:30 after having to change his original goal of running sub 25 minutes.

Our final session of Endurance is just around the corner on Sept. 27 and will last for six weeks, you can sign up here

If you haven’t done any Endurance classes all summer don’t fret, you can transition into this cycle as scaling options are always provided and running drills are thoroughly explained each class. If you are a seasoned vet, we will have even more challenging runs this session bringing it back to traditional interval track workouts on Tuesday’s and traditional sprints on Thursday’s. Oh, and a fun Halloween run for everyone to look forward to.