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Booking Service Appointments

Introducing Personal Services!

Wodify has updated its personal services! What does this mean for you? It means that the way in which you’ll be able to book appointments to see Dr. Paul or Personal Training sessions is changing slightly. As of April 1st,  you’ll no longer book into the class slots like you used to for these services.  You will book “Appointments” through the appointment tab in the WODIFY app.

Booking appointments has never been easier. Once you have purchased a membership associated with the service you’d like to use, you can easily schedule appointments directly through the app. The appointments offered will show up clearly within the athlete app, indicating what services are offered on what particular day.

Once you click on the day you’d like to schedule your appointment, you can proceed to choose the affiliated provider that is linked to that service, and select the time block that suits you best. For Dr. Paul, this is every Tuesday. For personal training, it depends on the coach you’d like to book a session with.

Here is a video , along with an easy step-by-step guide to booking your next appointment or PT session. As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us at

How to Schedule an Appointment:

  1. Log into the Wodify Mobile App
  2. In the menu, click ‘My Appointments’
  3. Scroll to the desired service you would like to book
  4. Click ‘Book’
  5. Select the desired location and provider
    If you have no preference for provider, select ‘Any Provider’
  6. Select a day on the calendar with available appointments (shown in white)
  7. All available appointments on the selected day will display
  8. Choose your desired appointment time, click ‘Book’
  9. Review the appointment preview to confirm the appointment details
  10. Click ‘Confirm’ – You will be sent an email with all appointment details

CrossFit Open Recap (So far..)

Two down, three to go! We’re predicting an 8 minute AMRAP of dumbbell bench presses for 17.3.

The first two workouts have been remarkably different tests of fitness. We are incredibly proud of everyone who has endured those two workouts. Seventy-one of you guys have registered for the Open with our Team CrossFit 416. The turnout and support at these first two editions of Friday Night Lights has been great.

While the physical and mental grind that was 17.1, and the grip and soul crusher that was 17.2 are behind us, it is time to look back at some of the more memorable moments, and to highlight just a few of the amazing performances that you guys busted out these past two Fridays.

Although we could have easily nominated dozens of people for each evening, we have narrowed our prizes down to one outstanding male and female performer for every Open workout this year.

Our 17.1 Performers of the Night were Heidi Steinberg and Mark Janz. Mark ended up recording the fastest time within the gym, and Heidi showed a spirit and determination that were inspiring to all.

This past Friday, for 17.2, our outstanding performers were Ela Kuzma and Steve Cornelissen. Ela, who has been with us for just over a month now, managed to rep out far more pullups than she was expecting while attempting the scaled version, while Steve figured out bar muscle ups under pressure, blasting through an entire round of them, equalling far more reps than he initially anticipated.

While many of you are nursing ripped hands, sore glutes, tight hammies, and tender lower backs after these first two workouts, we hope that, despite the potential frustration of some of the movements, rep schemes, and weights used, you all have something that you discovered about yourself that you’re proud of, because as coaches and judges these past two Fridays, we have all seen so many amazing things shine through within our community of athletes. Go ahead, pat yourselves in the back! Whether it was mastering a new movement or weight, or mentally being able to go harder and further than you anticipated, all of you have changed and improved, in some form or another, as an athlete, due to the experiences.

We hope you’re all nervously anticipating what is to come in the remaining three workouts. As always, make sure you register your spot, either in one of the classes throughout the day if you are not participating in the Open, or within the Friday Night Lights slot, in order to receive a spot in a heat for the evening.

Keep your eye on our Facebook page for all of the details regarding Friday Night Lights #3. Bring on 17.3!

17.2 – Tips and Strategy

Pep Talk

17.2 is grippy as hell!! Every movement in this workout requires you to be holding on at some point so we need to prioritize grip management. Break-up the movements from the get-go and save your forearms. You want to avoid them blowing up early in the workout!! Quick breaks will be key in continuous movement throughout this workout and minimizing forearm fatigue. We want to make EVERY REP COUNT!! The bar muscle ups will be what separates most people since they are a more technical movement and require more grip strength so we want to set ourselves up for the most success in previous rounds to have at er!


Mobility: Internal shoulder rotation. Barbell smash, lacrosse ball smash, banded bully. Opening up and working on your internal rotation will allow for smoother transitions and more comfortable hanging positions on the bar

– Forearms lacrosse ball smash



Poor grip leads to re-grips which taxes the forearms. So wrap your thumbs around on pull-up bar, and do not death grip the dumbbells.


Dumbbell Walking Lunges: Must have your hands wrapped around dumbbells & bisecting your body

  • Grip: Loose grip, hold the back of the DB handle. Allow the dumbbells to rest on your body as much as possible.
  • Do not death grip, unnecessary
  • March: ensures consistency that you finish each rep full ROM. Slower but accurate. Keep breathing throughout each lunge and keep your torso upright, you want to keep your lungs as open as possible
  • Continuous: will allow for a faster completion, but make sure you fully extend your hips at the top otherwise your reps will not count.



  • Grip: Thumbs wrapped, knuckles up, outside shoulder width. Palms in contact with the bar, wear fucking tape!

Rep strategy

  • Complete in sets of about 30% of your max reps to save your grip
  • 4 x 4 maybe 8 & 8 first round
  • 180 TTB for singles to save precious time. Singles are only effective if you KEEP MOVING. Could be a good choice to save grip for upcoming BMU
  • Low bars are your friend. If you choose a bar that’s too high to get up to, you will expend more energy than necessary jumping up to the bar and jumping down.
  • Keep your kips tight, you want to minimize the distance your body has to travel


Dumbbell Power Cleans

  • Muscle Clean: More efficient movement and time saver. The key is to think about using your legs!! Think kettlebell swing. Arms stay long at the bottom of the movement to relieve unnecessary tension in your arms throughout the movement
  • Power Clean: If the weight is a limiting factor, use a power clean and jump your feet out. Think big shrug and using your legs to get the weight up to your shoulders. Since the dumbbells aren’t a fixed object, gaining control of the weight can be tricky. Use your whole body to lift these weights
  • Rep Strategy: If you intend on breaking them up and weight is not an issue 7 + 1 then go straight into the next round of lunges. If weight is an issue in sets of 2 or 3, go with what is manageable without taxing your grip.


Bar Muscle Ups

  • Jump into your first kip to gain some momentum. Keep your body tight during these kips.
  • Kip: When pulling, think hips to the bar and slightly bend your arms. Keep toes low.
  • Turnover: Tight body position and think fastest sit up ever! Avoid chicken wing arms by pushing down on the bar using both hands
  • Linking reps: rest on your belly and re-grip at the top. Momentum downwards will help propel you into your next reps.
  • Singles: Jump into first kip


Kipping Pull Ups

  • Avoid stringing together big sets
  • Jump into your first kip
  • Body positions: squeeze your butt and lock your legs
  • Momentum: If you are linking reps, ensure you are pushing away at the top and are not holding at the top. Holding will tax you out more than necessary!


Game Time Strategy:

  • Understand what your capabilities are and plan around it. Linking reps when fresh is incredibly different than linking reps in the middle of a workout. Think smart and set yourself up for success!
  • Warm-ups are incredibly important. It is getting your body primed and ready to attack this workout. Don’t skip past it, enjoy it and take advantage to get FIRED UP.
  • Once you’re warmed up, take 3-5 minutes to get your mind right.
  • No freaking out allowed


Mental Strategy

  • Movements may feel easy from the get-go, but devise a plan and STICK TO IT.
  • Stay calm during the workout and think about the task at hand
  • If you miss a rep, do not freak out! Shake it off and get right back on to it. Freaking out doesn’t help anyone
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Your priority- HAVE FUN.



17.1 – Tips and Strategy

The 2017 Open has finally arrived!  To help you prepare mentally and physically, we have provided some tips and tricks for you to consider before your Friday Night Lights heat!



Achilles – Lacrosse ball arches, foam roll calves and anterior calf

Glutes – Lacrosse ball and banded hamstring floss

Banded Lat distraction and shoulder



This workout is all about pace and work capacity. Keep your heart rate down because the movements are long!! Ensure that you are breathing during the entire workout, do not go hot out of the gate too soon or you’ll enter the redline zone. You require a lot of hip extension and fully body movement during this workout, so keep your breathing under control to manage metabolic distress.


DB Snatches

Standard: Must alternate arms, starts and the ground and ends overhead in one movement. Arms, hips and knees are fully extended. The non-lifting hand is not allowed to make contact with the body.

Set up: Keep butt low to avoid taxing lower back. Arm straight at the set up, chest up.


  • Muscle snatch: weight is not an issue, legs stay straight longer. Maximum efficiency in getting to the fully locked out position
  • Power snatch: Catch in a quarter squat position. Choose this option if the weight is a little on the heavy side for you. Do not forget to stand up all the way to a fully extended position in order for the rep to count.


  • Switching in the air: Only do this if you can maintain this throughout the whole workout. But make sure that each head of the dumbbell hits the ground at the same time.
  • Switching on the ground: Quick switches! There is no need to death grip the dumbbell, that will expend unnecessary energy.


Box Jump Overs

Standard: Body has to be perpendicular to the box, and chest & thighs has to hit the ground.

  • Stay as close to the box as possible and minimize your steps when coming off the box
  • Remain relaxed when completing the box jumps, any extra unnecessary tension will tax you out faster
  • When jumping, make sure you are using your arms to keep the movement efficient
  • When coming out of the burpee take one step with one foot, swing arms back and use that next step as momentum right into your next box jump over.


Jumping over the box (choose the option that you feel will eliminate the steps taken off the box)

  • Jump right over: use this option if you have a motor that won’t quit and you can keep a consistent breath throughout the entire workout.
  • Jump on and keep stay low or jump up and stay taller: Find a rhythm. When you jump or step down, quickly turn around and drop down into your burpee.


If you’re on the fence about doing this workout Rx, in the spirit of the Open, we encourage you to take the challenge for the Rx weight even if you hit the time cap.  Create a personal challenge of focusing on the snatches, then going all out on your burpee box jumps.




17 Reasons You Should Sign up for the 2017 CrossFit Open

This coming Thursday, CrossFit HQ’s figurehead Dave Castro will launch into the first of five inexplicably long and awkward workout announcements. When all is said and done, every Thursday night for the next five weeks, we’ll all eagerly wait for the Godfather of CrossFit to slowly extract every syllable from his own mouth with abated breath.

Despite Dave Castro and the overexuberant HQ broadcasts, I’d like to encourage every single one of you—even if you’ve only just graduated basics—to sign up for the CrossFit Open this year. Here’s 17 (topical, right?) reasons why:

  1. You’ll get to know everyone in the gym a little better – You’re all brothers and sisters in arms, so to speak. Panting, sweating, collapsed on the floor while your judge is asking for your signature—you’re all in this together! New to the gym? Completing the same workout to the best of your abilities and sharing a few drinks after are a great way to get to know your fellow members better. Ask any member, and they’ll likely tell you that the Open and the Members’ Comp are great for fostering friendships within the gym.
  2. Movement Standards – Movement standards?! Yes. Movement standards. You’ll be exposed to having to maintain proper standards and technical aspects of whatever movements are thrown at you while you are trying to move as fast as you possibly can. Mechanics, consistency, intensity. It’s a real eye opener, and I guarantee it’ll advance your training in every other class you attend outside of the Open. It’ll challenge and change the way you move. Instead of a coach attempting to cue you into a correct movement pattern, he or she will be forced to “no rep” you, which leads me to my next point.
  3. No Rep – Is this guy serious?! Yes. I am. Being “no repped” can be an incredibly frustrating experience; ask anyone who’s completed an Open before. That ego check, and the frustration that accompanies it, is another challenge that will mess with you mentally. This is an opportunity to strengthen your mindset and overcome adversity on a relatively inconsequential scale (unless you consider post-WOD bragging rights of great significance), which will help you in both a gym setting as well as in your day-to-day life. Changes in mindset can go a long way!
  4. It’s a lot of fun! – I know I haven’t really sold it to you yet, but I assure you that you will have a hell of a lot of fun because you’ll be pushed harder and further outside of your comfort zone than you’ll likely go in a regular class. Just think Members’ Comp times ten. When it’s time to take your place in a heat, the emotions and excitement coursing through your body are hard to match, even if you’re only really competing against yourself.
  5. You will PR – It may not necessarily happen during the Open itself, but I guarantee you that you will discover a lot more about yourself than simply pushing yourself through five gruelling workouts in front of a bunch of loudly cheering CrossFit enthusiasts and their friends and family. It may be mastering a skill, like double unders, or stringing together more toes to bar or pull-ups. Whether it’s moving safer, better, or faster, you’ll have at least a handful of takeaways that will help you guide your training goals and intensity both during and after the Open.
  6. There are theme nights – That’s right. 17.1’s theme is “Tight and Bright”. Ask anyone from the British Isles, and they’ll happily assure you that anything is better when you involve costumes—they may even throw in some rowing advice free of charge! We are having a different theme each week to help you guide your potluck contributions and fashion choices. We’ll also be providing a bar for you to carry on with your Friday night after the workouts are finished on a weekly basis. Crush your workout AND get crushed by an ill-advised game of “Death by Shots” or an attempt to overhead squat a bouncer—win-win, really.
  7. There is a scaled division – Unsure about those Rx movements? Worry not. For every Open workout, there is now a scaled option as well, which will allow you to move safely with intensity, if you are uncertain you’ll be able to safely complete a certain movement or workout.
  8. Weaknesses and Gaps – The Open will expose the areas you personally need to improve on. This may be both the harshest and most useful takeaway from the Open. Unlike anything else, it will expose the areas you lack strength, skill, or mobility. This will help guide movements you need to do more of, either with the help of one of your coaches via personalized programming or personal training sessions, or to give you an idea of what you should be doing instead of simply rocking bench press and bar muscle ups during Open Gym hours every. Single. Time.
  9. Build a Better Relationship with Your Coaches – One of the biggest things I remember about the first time I participated in the Open was how much Dan’s personal game plan for me helped me perform better. Andrew’s warmups and workout breakdowns helped prepare me better, and Daniele’s words of kindness when I failed miserably at a movement helped me feel better about the frustrating minutes I had just spent trying to complete a movement I wasn’t very good at. Having that experience and that post-WOD beer with your coaches help you get to know each other a little better, which isn’t always as easy to do when there are classes following one another.
  10. You get to talk about CrossFit even moreNeed I say any more? You’ll also get to know Marino, if you don’t already, as he’ll be sure to help push and offer encouragement to each and every athlete competing. Of course, if you’re feeling bold, feel equally free to talk about non-CrossFit related topics as much as you’d like to.
  11. Community – I know the words community and CrossFit are practically synonymous, almost considered cliché—some might say “Cultish”. Nothing displays it better than the Open. Many of our members fully embody it. Even if you’re not ready to compete on Friday nights, come by and check out the atmosphere. It truly is incredible.
  12. The Pressure of Competition – The crowd; the judge; having your name called to warm up for your heat; having your name called to take the floor; having to sign off on your score, these are all things you aren’t regularly doing when attending your 4:30 PM class. Simultaneously stressful as hell and completely invigorating, you’ll discover an element of competitiveness you rarely tap into.
  13. “The Open Jitters”– For five weeks, you’ll constantly find yourself scouring Dave Castro’s Instagram account, sifting through the photos of handguns and motorcycles for those inexplicable “clues” on offer. Once you’ve found out what is in store, you’ll find your mind constantly reverting back to the workout in store. You’ll visualize, strategize, re-visualize, re-strategize, assure yourself you’re going to crush it, consider quitting the Open, consider faking an injury, browse Amazon for carbon fibre exoskeleton suits to wear under your workout gear, and even allow yourself to briefly dream about making it to Regionals. Not since your teenage years, or last year’s Open, have you suffered from nervous excitement like this.
  14. The number of times you’ll have to pee prior to your workout – see point 13. Talk to your coaches and fellow competitors for tips to help master those nerves.

  15. See how you stack up globally – The Open is open to competitors from across the globe. It’s an interesting way to see how you stack up against all of those other mere mortals competing in boxes just like ours across both our region as well as on a global scale. Pretty neat to see.
  16. Understand just how insanely fit CrossFit athletes really are – Somewhere out there, there’s a teenager warming up with your PR. There’s also Rich Froning, and the Icelandic women… Seeing their scores compared to yours is a dump truck-sized serving of humble pie.
  17. It’s like CrossFit Christmas – In some strangely masochistic way, we all live for these five weeks of the year. It’s a time to put everything you’ve been working on for the past year into practice, in order to see how you measure up both within the gym and across the planet.

    Dave Castro is our weird, Santa Claus-like figure; the mastermind that presides over a cohort of assistants who have spent months trying to come up with the most ingenious combinations of movements and rep schemes that will put every CrossFitter on the planet through all of the emotions listed above. It’s a beautiful time of year!

A strange cocktail of a remorseful sense of dread and eager anticipation accompany the five weeks that have once again arrived at our doorstep. Come be a part of it. I promise you won’t regret it.

-Coach Gys

2017 Lifestyle Challenge Prep

Hey everyone,

As you are preparing for the Lifestyle Challenge, there will be LOTS of questions and uncertainty. Am i eating the right things? I am eating too much? What about this, and that?!  This blurb will hopefully clear a few things up and make you feel more at ease and ready come January 16th (kick-off day).


Where to ask questions

The facebook group will be an excellent place to ask your questions. If you’re unsure about something, someone else likely is as well. Please, don’t ask your coaches something you can research yourself such as nutrition information of foods or high-protein recipes. Remember, they are supporting others in the challenge as well.


How to track macros

You are STRONGLY encouraged to start practicing tracking what you eat, like now. There are tons of websites such as, or where you can search common foods, create and save recipes, and track your macros. You can always track using an app on your phone and transfer the information to your spreadsheet.

Hint* MyFitnessPal and Lifesum are great apps that allow you to enter your calories and adjust your macros and make tracking simple and easy.


Your macro numbers

The numbers you were given are an ESTIMATE. So is the exercise factor. There are many things that impact our calorie needs. If you don’t see progress by week two check in with your coach to have your numbers readjusted. If you are within 5% of your target numbers for the day, you’ve hit your numbers! For example, your protein allotment is 100g, and you got 95 or 105g, you’re golden. If you only got 80g, you didn’t hit your macros for that day.



The easiest way to know you are hitting your macros is to follow the simple rule layed out in the challenge; eat a balance of carb/fat/protein and fibrous vegetables at each meal. That’s it, that’s all. If you have snacks, aim for mainly a carb and protein choice.


Meal Planning

Healthy eating and fuelling for performance is all about preparing your food ahead of time and being ready for what your day throws at you. We want to avoid the “Oh crap it’s 2pm and I didn’t eat lunch… I didn’t even bring a lunch and I’m starving! Let me run down and get a sandwich with high fat meat, mayo, white bread, and top it off with a cookie”.


Protein bars

In general, these are a no-no. Many energy/protein bars have added sugar and that is not part of the challenge. If you find one with only whole foods all the power to ya! An example of a bar with all natural ingredients is LaraBar. Instead of processed snacks aim for whole foods such as a fruit and nut butter or greek yogurt with berries. Real food = real fuel.


Below are some guidelines to help you organize your meals based on your calorie goal:

If you have following a 1500 calorie diet, aim for 400 calories at a meal and 2 snacks at 150 calories each

If you are following a 2000 calorie diet, aim for 500 calories a meal and 2 snacks of 250 calories each

If you are following a 2500 calorie diet, you can either have 600 calories per meal and 3 snacks of 200 calories, OR 700 calories per meal and 2 snacks at 200 calories


Example of 400 calorie meal with 35g carbs, 13g fat, 35g protein:

½ cup quinoa, 4oz chicken breast (boneless skinless), ¼ avocado, 2 cups steamed broccoli.


Example of 530 calorie meal with 60g carbohydrates, 40g protein, and 15g fat:

4 oz (113) lean beef, 8 brussel sprouts, 1 medium sweet potato (1.5 cups), 1 tbsp oil


Example of 650 calorie meal with 75g CHO, 45g protein, and 20g fat:

5 oz (141g) salmon, 1 cup brown rice, 1 cup green beans, 3/4 cup carrots. Dessert: ½ cup plain greek yogurt & ½ cup berries


Example of 150 calorie snack

1 medium apple & 1 tbsp nut  butter


Example of 250 calorie snack

2 eggs, 1 slice 100% stonemill bread (100 calorie slice)