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Coaching Update

June 2017 is bittersweet for us at CF416.  Over the next couple weeks we will be saying goodbye to two long time coaches.  Luke and Daniele will be leaving us to start a new endeavour and focus on building their career respectively.  Both coaches will always hold a special place in 416, as both were part of the gym from is early beginnings.  Good luck guys!!

Please join us in welcoming David Kearsey (DK), to the 416 coaching team!  Dave is a well traveled and established CrossFit coach, having coached in France, Miami, and Toronto.  He brings a wealth of experience, a very positive coaching mindset, and an undeniable passion for CrossFit.  Dave holds the following qualifications:

  • CrossFit L1
  • CrossFit Weightlifting
  • CrossFit Anatomy
  • CrossFit Scaling
  • Kettlebell Certified
  • CPR & AED Certified
  • TRX Certified


*For the immediate future, we will no longer be running an Olympic Lifting specialty program.  If you’re looking to improve you Olympic Lifting, book a Goal Setting session with a coach today.


New Programming Cycle – June 2017

Congratulations on completing our latest cycle! We had a great time coaching you to strength PR’s while addressing common structural imbalances. It goes to show that implementing mixture of bilateral/unilateral loaded movements, holds and carries are extremely beneficial in strength gains!

Next up: our focus will be to develop strength, explosiveness and athleticism via Power and Olympic lifts. Also included will be dedicated exposure to gymnastic movements. Conditioning will compliment the volume and intensity completed in strength or skill work.

There are 3 blocks within this cycle that follow a 21-day template. Within each 21-day template you will be exposed to a squat/pressing variation, Deadlift, Olympic lifting, dedicated focus on gymnastic days, Primal & unilateral focused days as well as OHS development.

Day 1: Intensity WOD + Back Squat & Press

Day 2: Deadlift & Pull ups + WOD

Day 3: Gymnastics Volume + WOD

Day 4: Heavy Primal/Unilateral /Strongman/OHS

Day 5: Olympic Lifting + WOD

Day 6: Partner WOD

Day 7: Gymnastic Intensity + WOD

Day 8: Back Squat & Press + WOD

Day 9: Olympic Lifting + WOD

Day 10: Gymnastic Intensity + WOD

Day 11: Intensity WOD + Back Squat & Floor Press

Day 12: Olympic Lifting + WOD

Day 13 : Partner WOD

Day 14: Gymnastics Volume + WOD

Day 15: Heavy Primal/Unilateral & Strongman

Day 16: Olympic Lifting & WOD

Day 17: Gymnastics Volume + WOD

Day 18: Back Squat & Floor Press + WOD

Day 19: Overhead Squat & WOD

Day 20: Partner WOD

Day 21: Gymnastics Intensity + WOD



We are going to prioritize the back squat. It will be your best friend in getting you hella strong! Squatting days will be coupled with a pressing variation balancing the stress of increased weight and varied volume with adequate recovery in order to see progress for an extended period of time and avoid stalling. Variables will change within each block. Deadlifts will be paired with strict pull-ups and seen once per block due to ensure adequate recovery.

Heavy Primal/Unilateral Movements

We have become accustomed to primarily moving in one plane of motion while we train. The addition of heavy primal and unilateral work will force us to challenge various ranges of motion, all while developing strength and stability in different planes of movement translating to better movement in every day life.

Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic lifts are the most effective way to train explosiveness and athleticism using a barbell. Both fitness and performance will incrementally develop power by following a linear progression. Tech work will vary and be completed before to prime the movement for working sets.


There will be a dedicated focus on two gymnastic movements within each block. Gymnastics focus days will be on Wednesdays and Sundays, alternating between volume and intensity within each block to ensure adequate exposure.


GPP. Constantly varied. Be prepared for anything…. including seeing WOD’s before your strength work!


Some things to keep in mind over the next 10 weeks:

  • We are here to train proper movement! Strive to maintain proper posture and position with all movements you do, this is imperative to optimizing your training!
  • A high score on the whiteboard means nothing if you are moving poorly.
  • Take rest days. Listen to your body, if it’s saying no, say no to the gym and enjoy a day off. This will better you in the long run and improve your training!
  • Be open to new training methodologies and have AS MUCH FUN AS POSSIBLE!


– Coach Koo

Intern Intro – Get to know Hannah!

Meet Hannah! Hannah will be joining us as an intern. We’re very excited to have her on board.   She will be starting at the desk, and progressing her way into classes over the coming weeks.

Hannah holds her L1, and has attended the CF Olympic Weightlifting and Gymnastics seminars, among other things. She is joining the team to further advance her coaching skills. We got to know Hannah a little better in our interview below

First of all, tell us a little bit about yourself—where are you from, what do you do outside of the time you spend here—work, hobbies, fun facts, etc. anything goes! The more the better! What would you like people to know about you?

– I was born and raised in Toronto. I spend a lot of my spare time doing DIY projects and making things in general, whether its music, art jewellery or clothing. I love the outdoors and exploring the city in the summer. (Fun fact) I am afraid of the dark and have never been on an airplane.

Tell us a little bit about your fitness history. What were you doing before you joined CrossFit 416?

– Running initially got me into fitness. I never did it competitively, just for fun and to challenge myself because I was never an athletic kid (I wore jeans to gym class). I slowly transitioned into lifting weights and then into a lot of high intensity training with kettlebells and kettlebell sport training which turned into an interest in CrossFit and Olympic Lifting.

If you could go back to your first ever CrossFit class and give yourself some advice based on what you know and understand now, what would it be?

– My advice to myself would be: just because you think you can do the Rx weight, doesn’t mean you actually can do it (well)
What is your favourite movement in CrossFit? Why?

– My favourite movement hands down are squat cleans. There’s nothing better than picking up a heavy weight off of the floor, propelling it upwards and catching it in a squat.

Aaaand your least favourite movement and why?

– Least favourite movement are pull-ups. They make me mad! They’re a weakness of mine and something I need to work on.

If we could create a Hero WOD named “Hannah”, what would it be? Movements, rep schemes, rounds, length of time, etc. all variables are yours to unleash your programming creativity here!

– My WOD would be:

5 rounds

15 burpee box jump overs

200 m farmer carry

15 power cleans

I love anything with lots of burpees, I love cleans and there’s nothing like a heavy farmer carry to work that grip!
List three things that can always be found in your fridge.

– Ketchup (I put it on everything), eggs and some kind of cheese.

What is the thing you’re most proud of accomplishing in your life thus far?

– I think I am most proud of staying focused and driven towards my own personal goals. I am not one to quit or back down when things become stressful or difficult.

Who or what inspires you on a personal level?

– The people I train with inspire me the most. They push me to work harder and be the best version of myself inside/outside the gym. Mattie Rogers is also a big source of inspo for me, she’s unreal.

What is your favourite cheat meal/food?

– My fave cheat food is bread, especially homemade and freshly baked.

What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

– Another food one, Kraft Dinner is my guilty pleasure. It’s gross but good at the same time.

Tell us something about yourself no one might ever guess about you.

– I have a very irrational fear of flies…They freak me out. I’m ok with pretty much every other bug but if a fly lands on me I might just cry.

What is your most embarrassing childhood/teenage infatuation/trend/fad, etc. that you wholeheartedly prescribed to (favourite bands, fashion styles, haircuts, accessories, etc.)?

– I used to get a super brutal haircut from my mom when I was younger that was a bowl cut with crooked front bangs. I wore a lot of t-shirts with reptiles on them, cargo shorts and chucks. I looked like a little boy for half of my childhood.


Why Women “CAN” Do Pull-ups


Definition:  A body weight multi-joint pulling exercise that tests your ability to pull your own weight in a vertical line with pronated grip (palms are facing away).

Why is this movement thought to be so “unattainable” to many women?  In my opinion there are 3 main factors

1)Society holds a very low standard of strength for women.  In the USA, the Presidential Physical Fitness  Council Challenge asks 17 year-old-boys to complete 13 pull-ups, whereas girls needed to do only 2 pull-ups(1). Marines Corps put standard of at least three pull-ups for males whereas only flexed arm hang minimum 15 seconds for females (2).

2)Biological Factors – Women have less testosterone than men, which limit is their ability to build muscle mass.  Women also have higher body fat percentages, especially around the hips and thighs compared to men, with up to 40% less upper body muscle mass (3)

3)Training – You’re probably not training the movement enough, or training the movement properly with complete dedication.

It’s time to move past all of the white noise, and focus.   The above factors should act as motivation, and not deter you from reaching this goal.  Training smart, becoming educated about your current abilities and limitations, and shifting to a positive attitude toward your strength potential will create a foundation for your first pull-up.

During my workshop, we will dive into individual restrictions from a mobility, stability and strength aspect to help determine your training needs.  As a take away, every attendee at my workshop will be given a 4 week program, based on ability, and will be invited to a private Facebook Group to share success stories, ask training questions, and support each other in our pull-up journey.

If you haven’t registered for the workshop yet.  Do it today!!


For more details about the workshop, click through Ladies Only Pull-up Workshop

-Coach Derya





(3)Janssen, Ian, Steven Heymsfield, ZiMian Wang, and Robert Ross. “Skeletal muscle mass and distribution in 468 men and women aged 18–88 yr .” Journal of Applied Physiology 89.1 (2000): 81-88. Web.


Grit Training TO: Why you should train with us

Why Grit?

Here are five reasons you should try the Grit program.

1) You already love running but want to improve: Many people enjoy running recreationally, but if you haven’t trained for a marathon or tried to qualify for Boston, you may not have followed a training plan that exposes you to a variety of types of workouts. Grit provides a variety of workouts that challenge you beyond going for longer distances. Some of these will be familiar to serious runners, but there will be some new stuff that will tap into your abilities and challenge you.

2) You hate running but see the benefits: Nike once made one of my favourite t-shirts – it read “Running Sucks”; simple and succinct, and for too many people, completely true. The grit training regimes are designed to give you benefits of running and to improve your ability without ‘pounding’ you into you the ground. The workouts will remain challenging, and accessible. You’ll quickly add up the kilometres without realizing it.

3) You find yourself exhausted at the end of your HIIT or CrossFit WODs: If you find yourself struggling to finish high-intensity training, then grit is definitely for you. Working out at high-intensity requires people to think on their feet and know their individual ability. Grit workouts will not only improve your stamina but give you the mental focus to plan workouts better.

4) You’ll get to play with toys: in order to help develop explosive movements, strength endurance, and overall conditioning, you’ll be exposed to sandbags, sleds, and other tools that will benefit your conditioning and help improve your movement too, to make you a more efficient and stronger athlete.

5) You’ll develop your mental toughness: through both learning to push yourself harder and further, as well as using mental strategies to guide yourself through workouts in order to achieve the required stimulus.
Regardless of your motivation, Grit is designed to help you improve, both physically and mentally, as an athlete and human being. Sign up for the free trial class on April 22 at 10:00 AM.


Check out the GRIT Training TO page for training info



New Programming Cycle – April 2017

The 2017 Open is officially in the books. We’d like to congratulate everyone who participated this year. It makes us incredibly proud as coaches to see the hard work, determination, and support all of you guys put into these past five weeks. You guys are awesome!

With the Open officially behind us for another year, it is time to look ahead to how we are going to help you all continue to improve and grow as athletes and human beings.  The next two months of programming will be devoted to attempting to address common structural imbalances through a mixture of bilateral and unilateral loaded movements, holds, and carries.

This cycle will represent somewhat of a departure from the more traditional barbell movements you guys are accustomed to, swapping them for other movements and implements, in order to provide new stimuli that will allow your bodies to adapt differently, and hopefully become more structurally sound in the process, in order to keep seeing overall strength, mobility, and joint health improvements.

Over the next few months, you’ll also be getting rather well acquainted with our new sandbags, which we’ll officially be introducing during this upcoming strength cycle, so get ready for that!

To help you understand some of the programming rationale behind using sandbags, check out this article by CrossFit HQ European flow-master Nolan Mooney: “Why Sandbags?”.

Below is a brief overview of how the six weeks of the cycle will look.

Week 1
Monday – Vertical Pressing + horizontal pulling (Volume) + WOD
Tuesday – Deadlift (Intensity) + Finsher
Wednesday – Sled conditioning
Thursday – Squat (Volume) + WOD
Friday – Horizontal Pressing + vertical pulling (Intensity) + WOD

Saturday – High Volume Benchmark WOD

Week 2
Monday – Deadlift (Volume) + Finisher
Tuesday – Vertical Pressing + horizontal pulling (Intensity) + WOD
Wednesday – Sled Conditioning
Thursday – Horizontal Pressing + vertical pulling (Volume) + WOD
Friday – Squat (Intensity) + WOD

Saturday – High Volume Benchmark WOD

You’ll be exposed to each week three times throughout the duration of the cycle, and we’ll add a testing week at the beginning and end of the cycle in order to assess the benefits of the variations in our programming.

We hope you guys are excited as we are to get this new cycle rolling.