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Holiday Schedule

Here is the list of schedule changes over the holidays:

Wednesday, December 24

6am, 7am, 11am, 12pm, 4:30pm

 Thursday, December 25


Friday, December 26

11am, 12pm

Wednesday, December 31

6am, 7am, 11am, 12pm

Thursday, January 1


New Strength Cycle – November 2014

New Cycle

We were very pleased with the progress throughout the last strength and skill cycle, so for the next 8 weeks, we are going to continue to hit some of the same movements to continue our proficiency and strength.


What to expect:

Level 1 athletes, will continue to work their linear progression for back squats on Mondays, and Thursdays. You will continue to work through progressions in the clean and snatch, with an introduction to the full lifts and the jerk. You will also work to develop pressing power through a variety of lifts each week.

Level 2 athletes will be introduced to 20 rep back squats(read about it below) on Mondays, and percentage based back squats on Thursdays. This variety will continue to impose new stresses on your body in order to develop different physiological capacities. You will continue to develop the Olympic lifts through movement complexes that are designed to ingrain proper positioning and bar path.



Monday – Back Squats + WOD

Tuesday – Pressing movement (Bench press, press, push press, jerks) + WOD

Wednesday – Snatch development + WOD

Thursday – Back Squats + Not For Time WOD

Friday – Clean and Jerk development + WOD


Rest and Recovery

From reading the info above you know that we have created a cycle with 5 days of strength work. We are confident that the order of movements will allow for enough rest and recovery so that you will see strength gains. However it is very important for each athlete to listen to their body and take rest days if needed.

Programmed Warm-ups

The 5 days of strength work has left us with little time to continue our skill work in the gymnastics movements. So to ensure development is continued, we have put together some programmed warm-ups that will allow each athlete to have repeated exposure to movements each week.   There will be 5 warm-ups posted for the duration of the cycle, each member will pick 2 warm-ups to alternate. Warm-ups should be picked based weaknesses, not strengths. Feel free to discuss the options with a coach to determine the right ones for you.  Each class, the coach will take everyone through some light dynamics and mobility and then give you time to complete your warm-up.


20 rep Back Squats

On Monday’s level 2 athletes will tackle 20 rep back squats . The last 8 weeks consisted of 3 sets of 5 reps, so we’re looking to vary our training through added volume. The 1 work set as a test of strength will call on your entire body to help move the bar through the final reps. Mentally the 20 reps will make you approach the lift in a new way. So how do you attack this challenge? Lets say we are going to build to working weight of 200lbs, your build up will be as follows: 45×5, 95×5, 135×5, 165×3, 190×3 and 200×20. It’s also important to note that this is not 20 reps for time, so take your time and push your limits. Starting weight in wk 1 will be around 60% of your 1RM with increases of 2.5-5lbs each week. If you don’t make it to 20 reps, repeat the same weight the next week.

New Strength Cycle – September 2014

Starting this week we will embark on a new 6 week strength cycle.  We have some new idea’s that we’re trying out, all of which are explained below.  The make up of each week is as follows:


Monday – Cleans and Front Squats + Not for Time (NFT) WOD

Tuesday – Handstand work + WOD

Wednesday – Mixed modal long WOD

Thursday – Snatch and Back Squats + NFT  WOD with a HEAVY Carry

Friday – Gymnastics Skills + Mixed Modal WOD



Throughout this cycle you will see two different levels of programming.

Level 1:   These workouts are for all newcomers to CrossFit but are also appropriate for many of you that are still working on base strength and lower difficulty skills.  Level 1 strength work will focus on positioning and movement mechanics while following a linear  progression in the main barbell lifts.

Level 2: These workouts are for more experienced members who have spent several months to years developing a solid strength foundation and high level of competency in technical lifts and gymnastics movements.  Level 2 WODs will include Rx weights and more complex movements.    Level 2 strength work will focus on pushing the intensity in the Olympic lifts, while varying the stimulus in the main barbell lifts.

How do I know what level I’m at?

Off the bat, all new members out of Elements will be required to follow Level 1 for 6 months.  Current members can self-identify their level based on perceived current stage of development, goals or abilities.  For some of you, this can change workout to workout, depending the your ability with certain movements.  If you are very unclear which level you should choose on a given day, please consult with the coach.

Not for Time

During this cycle you will also see WOD’s that are posted as “Not for time” (NFT) .  Not for time work will take the place of the traditional CrossFit WODs on days where there will be a higher volume in our strength work.  This training will help supplement those lifts in a few different ways.  It will be used as assistance work where the primary focus is to help develop muscle groups and movement mechanics used in strength work or WODs.  This works, because it takes out the intensity you would traditionally see in a WOD and allows you to focus on properly executing the lift.  Not for time work will also include some unilateral and stabilization exercises to correct any muscle imbalances.  This work will also challenge you with movements you wouldn’t traditionally see in a CrossFit WOD.

So next time you see NFT work understand that the aim of taking the clock away is to allow you to troubleshoot movements and work towards perfection with every rep.  This is your time to push yourself through range of motion issues, coordination miscues or whatever part of the lift you struggle with to gain a significant stimulus.


We understand that each person has their own schedule and with certain movements dedicated to certain days, you may miss the same movement each week.  What is important during this cycle are the barbell lifts.  So if you typically miss one or both of those days, please discuss with your coach so that the work can be completed on the days you’re in the gym.




Debrief – CF 416 Rucking Challenge

Congratulations to those who took part in the first CrossFit 416 Rucking Challenge.

Here is a little recap:

We met on Saturday morning at the gym. Once we gathered ourselves, our brick laden backpacks and team weight (or burden as it became known), we set off for a little opening series of exercises in the park across the street. Our participants had their resolve tested early with some physical training and time in the sand. Based on the reaction, I think everyone’s ‘favourtie’ was the approximate 80 metre bear crawl (backpack on, of course).

We set off east along the waterfront after that. It was then that our group learned that crossing a bridge involved paying a toll tax – in this case: walking lunges. We took a stop to take in the view of Lake Ontario and for some more physical training. Working as a team really had its benefits here.

After our quick stop, we set off to catch the ferry to the Island. I had planned to get off at Ward’s Island, but one of our team members suggested that we depart at Hanlan’s. I think he was hoping we would visit the clothing optional beach. In fact, I think everyone was hoping we would. (We didn’t, btw. Maybe next time). We did however make our way to nice little part of the beach that happened to be covered fire ants. photo 1

The crew took to the water for some more physical training. Have you ever seen a caterpillar push-up?  After our stop here, we continued our walk along the shoreline. We passed a log that looked like it wanted to come along. The team took turns carrying it.

We headed towards the ferry after this, with a pitstop in the fountain for a shower to get cleaned up and group photo.

CF416 - (58)


Upon returning to the mainland, we made an essential stop at the Beer Store for a well earned refreshment.

Thanks again to those who took part. You all did a great job.  Special thanks to Bart for capturing the experience.

Let’s go for a little longer next time.


– Andrew

Strength Cycle – July 2014

After completing a very challenging linear strength progression, many of you saw substantial gains in the main barbell lifts.  This new cycle will be a change of pace as we try to tackle our imbalances from side to side with unilateral training.  We will also challenge our overhead strength and ability with Olympic lifting skill work.

Unilateral training is completing movements with the use of one limb. This cycle of unilateral training will identify strength imbalances and muscular weaknesses that may exist between your left and right sides.  The new challenge to your body will provide many benefits such as high neurological adaptations due to the longer time period it takes to complete sets.  The high metabolic demand will also recruit stabilizing muscles that are not utilized with traditional bilateral training.   It will also enhance musculoskeletal balance, movement and coordination, while strengthening supporting postural muscles.

During the Olympic Lifting skill days, the goal is to increase your proficiency and comfort in overhead movements.  Movement mechanics, speed and body awareness are important to successful training of these lifts, so note that load will stay very light

The following is the weekly breakdown of movements with videos:


Split Squat, 1-Arm Dumbbell Row, Ring Dips


Olympic Lifting Skills – Overhead Squat, Pressing Snatch Balance, Snatch Balance, Sotts Press, Push Jerk, Jerk Balance, Split Jerk


1-Leg Romanian Deadlift, 1-Arm Kneeling Dumbbell Press, Ring Rows


Olympic Lifting Skills


Barbell Step-ups, Weighted Pull-ups, 1-Arm Dumbbell Bench Press


CF 416 Running WOD

Are you an avid runner?

Do you hate running but want to improve on it?

Do you like being outside in the nice weather getting a sweat/tan on?’re in luck!  Starting on Wednesday, June 4th CrossFit 416 Running WOD will take participants through an hour long running workout every Wednesday and Saturday throughout the summer and fall.

The sessions are free to current members, and are open to non-members for a $10 per session fee.  The sessions will be held at the following times:

Wednesday, 7pm-8pm

Saturday, 10am-11am


What to expect:

The one-hour class will consist of a warm up, running work out and a cool down. The warm up will be 10-15 minutes long involving dynamic stretching, running drills and will highlight proper running mechanics. The running work out will vary from wind sprints, hills, stadiums, fartleks, speed work, intervals and the occasional fast tempo run.  After the running work out we will  cool down  with targeted static stretching.

Our very own Alanna Kelly will be coaching the classes.  Here is a little running bio, that Alanna provided.

“My running history started at a young age when I first started track and field through the club level in Ontario. I competed at the Junior Canadian National championship at the age of 16 in the heptathlon (7 events) and won OFSAA in high jump. I also participated in pretty much any sport that involved running. After this I continued to train in multi-events and accepted a track and field scholarship at the University of Windsor. Here my main events were high jump and the pentathlon (5 events). After working through some injuries I qualified for the Senior Canadian National championship at the age of 21 in the heptathlon.  I have also led and organized the Whistler, B.C., and Toronto Lululemon Athletica run clubs.

I hope to be able to motivate and elevate individuals to run to their potential while pushing them through proper form and technique.”


Make sure you sign-up online via Mindbody to book your spot in the class.