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416 League Wrap-Up

We’ve heard it straight from you, the members: this years Open was the most engaging, well attended and community driven by far.

The effort and time put into team costumes and spirit was fantastic to see. We want to shout out Team Gin and Tonics, with team captain Marta, for having the most spirit during 416 League and totally creating a fun and supportive atmosphere within their team and the gym. They won the most amount of team spirit points possible each week. It’s stuff like this that showcases how awesome our 416 community is!

Not only spirit, but performance is of course an important factor during the Open. Team Flex Appeal, led by captain James had top performing athletes on their team, with at least 2 guys and 2 girls finishing in the top 3 every week. It wasn’t enough to take the big win but it was exciting to see these top athletes throw-down during the final heats of Friday Night Lights. Good work guys.

Team Dave Castrators, led by captain Kailee had the whole package, spirit and performance, holding the top spot for 4 weeks, with the most amount of participation points (aka the most amount of athletes completing workouts and submitting their scores). Great job team!

Last but definitely not least, as they ended up taking 416 League for the big win, is team Skittles led by captain Regan. They had spirit, they had strong athletes and they also had the most amount of big points wins out of any other team, with many of the teams athletes winning most spirited and performer of the night.

Yes, 416 League was a competition but the goal was to bring teams together in a fun, laid back competitive atmosphere. You guys were always willing to judge one another, cheer each other on, offer a fist bump or two – and a few PR hugs at that! Every night was perfectly ended with a couple beers at Loch and Quay to share our challenges and accomplishments during each weeks gruelling workout.

I am so happy to be a part of this growing community and 416 League will definitely be a tradition we will continue to build and grow on every year during the Open. Till next year. It’s time to focus on our 2018 goals to better ourselves for the years to come!

-Coach Hannah


416 League Update

We’re week 3 into the 2018 CrossFit Open and we think this has been our best one yet! There has been so much camaraderie and team spirit in the gym, it’s awesome to see everyone encouraging one another to finish a workout, try a new movement or PR a lift. A huge part of this team spirit is thanks to our amazing team captains: Marta, James, Regan and Kailee, who have done a fantastic job rallying up their teammates. It’s great to see newer athletes doing the Open for the first time, trying a workout RX, learning new skills, testing their capabilities and also see our more experienced athletes go head to head. Friday Night Lights has been filled with positive energy, lots of sweat angels and a fist bump everywhere you turn.

Here’s a complete breakdown of what you need to know and what you may have missed!

Week 1: 18.1
20 minute AMRAP
8 Toes to Bar
5 Dumbbell Clean and Jerks
14/12 Calorie Row
Top Performers: 
1. Albert Cohen: completed all sets of toes to bar unbroken and RX’d
2. Alison Boyd: small but mighty! Tackled the 35lb dumbbells (RX) and have you seen her toes to bar? A spectacle!
Most Spirited:
Meaghen Vydelingum: Literally screaming your name all night to not let go of that pull-up bar. I think she helped keep some athletes in the game for sure!
Top 3 Ladies: 
1. Coach Koo – 335 reps
2. Allie Carson – 334 reps
3. Whitney Nelsen – 299 reps
Top 3 Gents: 

1. MA Lewis – 375

2. Mark Janz – 370
3. Max Parisien-La Salle – 358
Week 2: 18.2 & 18.2a
In 12 minutes
Dumbbell Squats
Bar Facing Burpees
In the remaining time find a one rep max Clean
Top Performers:
1. Grant Carew: finished in 11:40, stood up from his last burpee and smashed a 226lb clean!
2. Malissa Lundgren: finished in 10:29, cleaned 147lbs… all while carrying a little human inside her – can you say super mom?
Most Spirited
Marta Wajda: one of our amazing team captains. She’s been on top of keeping her team spirit alive with t-shirts, signs, noisemakers and athlete bio posts to her team group. She’s been at every Friday Night Lights and every Thursday Night Thunder. Go Marta!
Top 3 Ladies 18.1 & 18.1a
1. Coach Koo – 5:24 & Allie Carson – 217lb
2. Tara Bassili – 6:30 & Coach Koo 187lbs
3. Allie Carson – 6:38 & Coach Robyn – 170lbs
Top 3 Gents 18.1 & 18.1a
1. MA Lewis – 5:27 & Scott Enright – 315lbs
2. Max Parisien-La Salle – 6:03 & Mark Janz – 287lbs
3. Mark Janz – 6:06 & Jaime Blott – 287lbs
Team Leaderboard
1. Dave Castrators
2. Flex Appeal
3. Gym & Tonics and Skittles
We can’t wait to see what else you guys have to bring to the table – spirit, energy, strength and speed. There are lots of chances to gain points on the leaderboard (mostly through team spirit!) so make sure to get your best team costume on, pull up your socks and get down to business. See you all at Friday Night Lights as 416 League takes 18.3
– Coach Hannah

CrossFit Open Prep Workshops

The open is upon us, this time of year brings out the best of competition, camaraderie, community, and fun at CrossFit 416! Whether you’re competing in the Open for the first time or are a seasoned vet looking to improve their standing fom previous years, we are here to help!

For the first time ever CF 416 will be hosting a series of four CrossFit Open Preparation Workshops to sharpen up your skills for the challenge of the 5 gruelling WOD’s, and help your 416 League team. Each workshop will cover specific Open related components


Here is a breakdown of the Workshops:

#1) Sunday January 28th: Expectations, Warm-up, strategy, and pacing

This workshop will help you set expectations for the Open, whether that is competitive or a battle against yourself. We will provide insight into what is required to properly warm-up for the demands of Open WOD’s. You will also be exposed to different ideas for developing a strategy for workouts based on fitness level, ability and personal goals. You will learn how to apply pacing in workouts so that you can remain working at a sustainable output in these challenging WOD’s. You will be challenged mentally and physically, and come away with a foundation for the remainder of the workshop series.


Sunday, Feburary 4th: Open Gymnastics – Toes to bar, kipping pull-ups, bar muscle ups and handstand push ups.

This workshop will focus on the technical components of common gymnastics movements found in the Open. We will review the basic foundations of these movements and then focus on efficiency and strategy while in a fatigued state. You will walk away from this workshop with an understanding of your ability with these movements and a game plan on how to improve leading up to the Open.


Sunday. February 11th: Barbell Cycling – Overhead Squats, Power Snatch, Snatch

High repetition barbell movements at moderate weights are a staple in the Open. Mindset, strategy, movement efficiency, and technical ability are crucial components that often determine the end result. This workshop will focus on technique and efficiency, in overhead squats, power snatches, and snatches. We will then challenge your ability to strategize and maintain the efficiency in a WOD.


Sunday. February 18th: Barbell Cycling – Front Squats, Power Clean, Clean, Shoulder to overhead.

Similar format to workshop #3, with front squats, power clean, clean, and shoulder to overhead


Sign up for the Workshops is available through WODIFY.

Workshop #1 is FREE for anyone to attend

Workshop Package – You can attend the remaining 3 workshops for $60

Single Workshops – If only 1 or 2 workshops peak your interest you can purchase them individually for our standard workshop price $25.

If you have any questions, email us


Rachel started CrossFit in the fall of 2012. Since that time she has completed her Level 1 and Level 2 CrossFit Certifications.

As an athlete and coach she hopes to help each individual optimize strength, performance, and improve mobility to prevent injury.

Rachel has also completed her Darby Training Systems Level 1/PA, CanFit Pro, CPR/First Aid and is currently working towards her Level 1 in Fascial Stretch Therapy (Stretch to Win).

416 League

We wanted to find a way to amp up the fun during the CrossFit Open and encourage camaraderie and gym spirit of CF416.

In the past, we realized, to a lot of people, The Open was considered to be just for “competitors.” It’s not! The Open is just another workout, and we want to use it as a chance to celebrate all the awesome people in our gym and our unique culture.

So here are the details:

We are introducing the CF416 League!  League is an members in-house competition during the CrossFit Open.  A draft will happen where team captains (already selected) will be given one CF 416 coach and 4-5 seasoned Open vets to start the building process for their team. To fill their rosters, captains need to recruit – and that’s where you come in. Be prepared for captains and team members to ask you to join their team (hold out for the best offer :P)

Team members will complete the Open WOD for the week, and team points will be tallied based on the criteria outlined below.



As always, we will hold our Friday Night Lights events every Friday during the Open.  We will have a maximum of 50 people each Friday participate, sign-up will open 48 hours before.  Aside from that you can be tested during any Friday class,  during any Open Gym time on Saturday or Sunday, or you may organize a time for testing on Monday.  Your job on your team is to complete the WOD (Rx or scaled)!



+1 Point – Attendance: every member of a team that completes an Open workout at CrossFit 416 each week earns one point. Maximum one point per athlete per workout. This goes for Rx AND Scaled competitors!

+1 Point – Top 3: every male AND female member who places among the Top 3 at 416 for each workout (Rx only) gets an extra point for their team.

+5 Points (team) – Spirit: The team with the most noise, pride, and PRESENCE each week will receive 5 bonus points.



To sign-up for CF416 League, stop by the front desk, put your name on the list and get your photo taken! The $15 registration fee will be used to reward teams with prizing along the way, and for the grand prize at the end of the competition to the entire winning team!

To register for the CrossFit Open, head to, and choose CrossFit 416 as your Affiliate.  There is a $25 charge to participate.  



We’ll have some random draws each week for prizes, including gear, supplements, and training packages. The top team will also earn a GRAND prize. Details released soon!


Our focus is on FUN. We want participation because it will make you fitter, happier and healthier!  We’re doing the Open workouts in class anyways, so if you’re training on Friday for the five weeks after Feb. 23, you’re going to do the workouts – so sign up! The in-house competition has both fitness and fun scoring opportunities, so don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself a competitor. If you can smile, you can do it.


To help you improve on your weaknesses, we will be hosting a series of four workshops leading up to the start of League.  Stay tuned for more info!

Front Desk Update! Get to know Morag

Many of you have seen this friendly face in classes for the past few months and now you will see her at the desk as you walk into the gym. We are so pleased to bring Morag on as one of the 416 staff. Get to know a little more about her below!

Where are you from? What do you do outside of the time you spend here – work, hobbies, fun facts etc. Anything goes! The more the better! What do you want people to know about you?

I get asked this quite a bit so I’ll lead with it – I’m half Scottish, half Indian. My father was on a business trip in India and fell in love with the country and the food and my Mum and just never went back! I was born there and grew up there and while we did travel and move quite a bit, it’s still home away from home.

I moved to Toronto 5 months ago after making a spontaneous, from the heart and very out of character decision to quit my job at Cerner, say yes to the man I love, leave behind family and friends and start over in this wonderfully different country (think it runs in the family!). I’m glad Dan and everyone at CrossFit 416 are letting me help out at the box while I settle in and figure out what I’d like to do next.

Tell us a little bit about your fitness history. What were you doing before you joined CrossFit 416?

CrossFit 416 is my first box and my first experience with CrossFit. I played tennis throughout high school and ran a lot (I can’t anymore, even coach Andrew would get a kick out of my list of excuses now) and worked out in conventional gyms but I always approached any form of sport or exercise as “me” time – time to focus on my own goals or to plug in my earphones and zone out or to blow off steam at the end of a long day. I could never wrap my head around the concept of working out in a group or having to interact with people during or having to do a workout that I couldn’t alter according to what I felt like doing that day.

I did still end up at 416 because of Avraan, who’s been here and fanatically at it for about 5 years now. I didn’t expect to like it or to continue doing it after Basics, but I came in with an open mind and it has been an incredible experience so far! Everything I thought I wouldn’t like about it, I do. I love walking in and meeting new people and socializing a little before a class and not having to worry about tailoring a WOD for myself and not spending hours at the gym when I can clearly get in a workout that’s effective in half that time.

What is your favourite movement in CrossFit? Why? Least favourite movement?

My favourite movement would be the Snatch and my least favourite movement would be any type of Clean (it’s a great movement, I’m just not good at it. Yet. So I will be childish and dislike it till I am).

To everyone on the blog and who has actually read this till the end, thanks! For welcoming me in and wholeheartedly adopting me as a friend or giving me tips during a WOD or even just smiling and saying hello. I look forward to returning the favour!”

New Programming Focus – August 2017


Congratulations on the completion of our latest 10-week cycle! This upcoming 6-week focus will lead us directly into the 416 Classic scheduled for the end of September.

The 2017 ‘416 Classic’  will have an added twist this year.  Along with the classic Olympic Lifts – Snatch and Clean & Jerk, we will also include a barbell complex or two to spice up the competition.

Our latest 6-week focus will include challenges of barbell complexes which combine multiple movements within the same set. This will teach you is to concentrate on the technical aspects between start, execution and  finish positions within movements. Technique is the usually the limiting factor in Olympic weightlifting, not strength.  Complexes add time under tension requiring you to execute complex movements under fatigue.


Goals over the next 6 weeks includes:

–       Build a work capacity that will directly apply to the Olympic Lifts

–       Gain full control over your technical Olympic Lifts

–       To develop a wider range of mastery with the barbell

–       Have a little mental break from performing heavy reps all the time. (Complexes generally force you to go a little lighter)

–       Have a lot of fun!


Here is the breakdown of what to look forward to over the next 6 weeks! Our major focus will be on Olympic Weightlifting and dialing in on barbell confidence and consistency. If you are a new weightlifter, you may be experiencing frustrations with the technical aspects of these movements – that is completely normal. Well-seasoned lifters will experience “off days” as well, but these are the trials and tribulations that come with training Olympic weightlifting! Get ready to ride and conquer the wave.

Again we will provide  7 days worth of programming, alternating between lifting and conditioning days.


Lifting days: Monday, Wednesday, Fridays and Sundays.

Lifting Days include:

Squat Snatch + Back Squat Volume WOD

Snatch Complex + Back Squat Intensity

Squat Clean + Front Squat Volume WOD

Clean Complex + Front Squat Intensity

Split Jerk + Strict Press Volume WOD

Jerk Complex  + Pressing Intensity

* will be on a rotating basis week to week to ensure there is a balance in variation


Conditioning days: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays

These days will include:

– Pull-Ups, Toes-to-bar, Pistols, Ring Muscle Ups, Bar Muscle Ups, Handstand Push-Ups

– Integration of mobility, stability, and proper body positions to prime you for the movement during the WOD

– Encourage the importance of developing strict strength before adding any kipping movement


The team at 416 is really looking forward to coaching you throughout the next 6-week cycle. Brace yourself – the Classic is coming.

See you at the bar!

– Rachel