2018 Open Prep Cycle!

Welcome to the CF 416 2018 Open Prep Cycle!


Over the next two months our main goal will be to prepare you mentally and physically for the 5-week pain cave beginning on February 22. If you’re unfamiliar with The Open it is a worldwide competition that consists of 5 workouts in 5 weeks. A fitness challenge of CrossFitters from all around the world going head to head for a chance at a spot at Regionals and in turn the CrossFit Games. Most importantly it is a test against yourself and chance to support your CF 416 family. Our goals include: increasing mental toughness, familiarizing you with open specific movements, and increase physiological adaptation for Open style rep schemes.


Open prep during the next 8 weeks will include the following:


  • Barbell Cycling – developing your ability to efficiently cycle through high-rep Olympic Lifting. Traditionally we train these lifts for maximal weight/technical focus, we will now spend time on developing endurance in these movements. All variations of Snatch and Clean & Jerk will be seen throughout the 8 weeks
  • Gymnastic Skill/Volume Training – Looking back on the gymnastic movements seen in the open, we will have dedicated days improving proficiency and efficiency of these movements such as Chest-to-bar, Toes-to-bar, Bar Muscle Ups, Handstand Push Ups, Ring Muscle ups
  • Endurance/Pacing/GPP: Simple on paper, but your ability to work just below what is known as your lactate threshold will give you a critical advantage in CrossFit style workouts. This is a skill that needs to be trained, and a feeling that needs to be experienced in order to improve it.  If you’ve ever gone out of the gate to hot on a workout and struggled the rest of the way, you understand why this skill is important.
  • 11.1-17.5 – Prepare to see Open workout from the last 7 years. Not only will completing these again help us prepare for this years open but also provides an opportunity to compare past results or create new benchmarks!
  • Absolute Strength Maintenance –All our strength work completed throughout the year leads up to the beginning of our season. So consider this our “in season training”, we are not looking to make strength gains, but to maintain all of our hard-earned gains from the entire year


Schedule and daily breakdown


Monday – Barbell Skill/Strength + WOD

Tuesday – Barbell Skill/Strength + WOD

Wednesday – Gymnastic Skill/Volume Training + WOD

Thursday – Endurance/Pacing/GPP

Friday – Barbell Skill/Strength + WOD

Saturday – Partner WOD Sunday – Barbell Skill/Strength + WOD


Our coaching team is extremely excited to coach you guys through the next 8 weeks. Time to get a little competitive, dial in our nutrition, prioritize recovery and get our mindset right. But of course – let’s have a sh*tload of fun. See you in class!


-Coach Koo

Movement Tune-up

Tired of doing double taps instead of double-unders?  Book a Movement Tune-Up!  Want to get a muscle-up?  Book a Movement Tune-Up!  Want to work on your handstands?  Book a Movement Tune-Up!

What is a movement tune-up?  A movement tune-up is a 1:1 session with a Coach to work on any movement you would like or struggle with.

Some suggestions: Muscle-up, Double Unders, Handstands, Pull-ups (Strict progressions/Kipping/Butterfly), Olympic Lifts , Rope Climb , Rowing, Running etc..

We are offering 3 sessions for the price of 2.  Complete 3 x 30min sessions with your favourite coach.   Your coach will identify your weakness, then develop and guide you through a plan to crush your goal.

3 x 30 min sessions for $100

Book your sessions now!

Kettlebell Workshop with Dr. Paul

We are excited to announce this Kettlebell Workshop with Dr. Paul Oh on Sunday December 3rd, from 9-10:30am. In this workshop you will…
Learn the finer details on how to improve your
  • Swing – 1 handed, 2 handed & American
  • Turkish Get up
  • Clean, Press, Snatch
At the end of this course you learn how to ..
  • Get into a good hinge position and not squat swing
  • Pop & float the bell
  • Pack your shoulder for better stability
  • Proper pressing mechanics
  • How to do a TGU well
  • Not slam the bell on your wrist when cleaning or snatching
  • Protect your low back
  • Protect your shoulder

If you are interested in signing up for this fantastic workshop, you can register here!

Upcoming Programming Focus

It’s October – do you know what that means? The CrossFit Open is 6 months away. What better time to get super strong before we work towards higher volume, conditioning work! We are going to demand more strength from you in both barbell and gymnastic movements. In order to further our development in movement we must abide by Mechanics – Consistency – Intensity. We are going to opt for strict movements before adding momentum whenever possible. That’s right – no kipping!

There will be a major focus on developing prerequisite strength before attempting skill work, reasons for this is to develop exceptional movement in everything we do. There are positive benefits to kipping – changes in work capacity, allows for higher power output (intensity) etc, however it does not benefit those who are unable to perform the movement with control. This is where strength comes into play.

Gymnastic focus will be on pulling, inverted and ring strength in the form of volume and intensity. Intensity how? Strict gymnastic movements in WOD’s.

Barbell focus will be on developing absolute strength prioritizing proper mechanics, balance and coordination. Movements you will see: Back Squat, Front Squat, Deadlift, Sumo Deadlift, Strict Press and the Floor Press.

Your coaches are looking forward to coaching you towards better movement. Remember… strict is sexy!!!

– Coach Rachel

10 Steps to Building Your Inner Athlete: Make It A Lifestyle


Finally, the 10th and final step into building your inner athlete is realizing and embracing the fact that you are an athlete. As an athlete, you must live like an athlete.  And since the majority of us are athletes for life, making a lifestyle that reflects these efforts in the gym and the efforts we put into our diet will set you up not only to reach closer goals but longer term goals.

Revisit each and every one of these goals as you continue to make yourself a better, fitter, stronger, healthier version of yourself. Incorporating these things into your daily life will remind you that being an athlete doesn’t have to be playing on a team sport. It also doesn’t have to mean you’re trying to make a national level team or try and compete in any means. Being an athlete means you have something to train for and something to eat healthy for – even if that something is simply a better life.

Here it all is – the 10 Steps to Building Your Inner Athlete

10 steps towards building your inner athlete

1 – Quality over quantity (micronutrients, vitamins, minerals)

2 – Push the intensity (get in the gym and work hard)

3 – Fluid balance (water consumption balanced with electrolytes to support training)

4 – One macro at a time (making small changes)

5 – Build your support system (family, friends, mentors)

6 – Stay active (take the stairs! Don’t be a lazy athlete)

7 – Ask for help (Lean on your coaches, don’t assume or guess)

8 – Consistency vs. perfection

9 – Align your diet with your goals

10 – Make it a lifestyle (always keep working and don’t give up)


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10 Steps to Building Your Inner Athlete: Aligning Your Lifestyle With Your Goals

#8 Aligning Your Lifestyle with Your Goals


Aligning Your Lifestyle with Your Goals

Click the link above and look through a chart we’ve put together. This chart represents the various amount of dedication and trade-offs you as an athlete have to make depending on what your goals are.

As we look through the chart above, a few things are made clear. It’s clear to see that depending on what your goals are, your lifestyle can and will change. It’s also clear that regardless of what your goals are, a few things will always be a top priority.

It’s important to know and accept that goals will change regularly resulting in your day to day life to change. Clearly, not all of these lifestyles are sustainable for extra long periods of time. They all have a time and place so long as we maintain being happy and motivated to reach these goals.

As a quick exercise, sit down with yourself for a few minutes and look at your goals. Write them down and ask yourself if the type of lifestyle needed to reach them is something you can commit to. There is a cost to being lean and performing at high levels in the gym – there’s no doubt about that. There is a lesser cost to living a healthy, balanced lifestyle but also requires an amount of dedication. Are you up for the challenge of changing your lifestyle to meet your goals?

If so (hopefully the answer is YES!), having someone to hold you accountable during this time can shave off a tremendous amount of time and stress while reaching these goals. Work with a coach and:

  1. discuss and refine your goals
  2. talk about your current lifestyle and how it might be preventing you from getting to these goals
  3. make small changes and steps towards aligning your lifestyle with your goals
  4. check in with your coach once a week to make sure things are staying in line
  5. asses progress and make adjustments based on your ever-changing goals
  6. acquire the skills of measuring and tracking food, learn about eating to perform and learn about quality and quantity of different foods so that you can maintain this healthy lifestyle moving forward

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