Barbell Breakdown: Olympic Lifting Program



Are you frustrated or confused with the Olympic Lifts? Are you bending your arms too early on your pulls or having trouble getting under the bar? Maybe you’re somewhat comfortable with these movements but are struggling with a certain component you can’t quite seem to figure out… Barbell Breakdown is a 4 week series class that will help you get more comfortable and confident in your Olympic Lifts. Over the 8 sessions, we will focus on mobility, creating power and proper technique through multiple drills and practice. Each session is 1.5 hours and includes a warm-up, mobility work, skills and drills, practice time and a cool-down. This program is geared towards newer lifters or those looking to improve their technique and confidence under the bar. “Practice puts brains in your muscles” and that’s exactly what we’re going to do! There are 5 spots remaining.

Price for the 8 sessions is $242.95. Contact for any questions you might have.

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Grit Summer Session

Summer Cycle

GRIT’s second cycle of 2018 will run from June 19 – Aug 9. We will continue to push towards the goal of using running to improve overall athletic ability. The first 8-week cycle proved to be a terrific opportunity to learn about GRIT member’s current strengths and opportunities for overall improvement. There are two areas that will provide a focus for the following cycle:

  • Sprinting Progressions! Look forward to incorporating some more speed work into the programming. Working over short distances, the program will look to improve overall running technique.
  • A More Circuit Style Training: Many runners forgo the opportunity to do anything but run, but we will start to use some more techniques that create a more balanced athlete. We did this a few times over the sprint cycle.

(Re)setting your baseline: Now that everyone has some good runs, we will retest our 400m and 1-mile run times in the coming weeks! Read about testing your baseline here

GRIT Promo Video 

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Athlete Debriefs 

The Athlete Debrief is an opportunity for one-on-one conversations with Coach Andrew. The conversations can cover any topic or issue that you want to address, including race preparation, program design, personal goals, etc. The floor is yours to discuss any topic that is important to you. And, it’s free. 

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GRIT – Early Season Recap

GRIT’s Spring session is now in it’s forth week. Many in group capped off week 3 by testing taking part in the Sporting Life 10k. A big congratulations to all those who took part!!! 

Early Season Highlights

This year, the program started with a standard warm-up. We focused on torso activation, drills to improve motor control and practice accelerations. The warm-ups will continue to evolve, but the benefits of having standardized warm-up are immediate to see. They serve as a movement screen to see who is moving well during each class and help the flow of the class.

The workouts over the last few weeks have included:

1. Pace Masters – This focused on controlling pace. Each person ran out from the starting line and were given less time to get back. The intent was to see who could successfully pace themselves.

2.  Fast, Faster, Fastest – This workout had each person run at three different speeds over increasing times – essentially kicking it up a gear each time. For example, start with 20 seconds at an easy pace, then increase the speed between 20-40 seconds before kicking it up to an hard pace between 40-60 seconds. Rest and repeat.

3. Overload – We use overload training methods in GRIT… This workout combined sled drags, overhead plate carries and medball throws in combination with running.

4. 22/40 – This workout is an interval style runs with 40 second hard efforts following 2 minute and 20 second moderate efforts. The prescribed moderate pace and hard effort is designed to promote a strong finish at the end of races.

5. Switch It Up – Working in partners, this workout combined sandbag carries and bodyweight exercises. An early season favourite. 

6. Test Day 1 – We tested the 1 mile. The 1 mile test provides us with some useful data with regarding aerobic ability. This was followed up with a running based circuit workout.  The data collected on this day will be immediately implemented on this Tuesday, May 15.

Moving forward, GRIT will continue to implement the above types of workouts and will introduce additional techniques to help people get the most out of the class and support better overall movement.

This week the class will test their 400 metre time. It’s a great test because it provides insight into the anaerobic energy system (before aerobic takes over and becomes dominant). Together, the two test will start to be used to provide each person will personal split times on track days.

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416 Member Stories: Mark Gallardo

This weeks Member Story belongs to Mark, who also happens to be the April Member of the Month. Read below to hear about his Open experience and accomplishments!


To me, the Open is my own mini CrossFit Games. On paper, it’s just doing a bunch of workouts every week in the gym. In reality, it’s everything awesome about CrossFit concentrated throughout five weeks of the year. It’s a fun pitstop in anybody’s training journey that gives them a chance to test out their fitness level and find out how much more can be improved.

This year marked my second Open ever. My first Open was basically just trying it all out, popping in the gym to do the workout and then going about my way. This year felt like it was about all the awesome things on top the workout. I had a ton of fun doing the workout but it was even more exciting judging the fellow athletes, making new pals, and getting a front row seat in cheering them on (keeping the rep count of course). My favourite part was seeing the look on people’s faces as they successfully completed a movement they thought was absolutely impossible – a first pull-up, a first handstand pushup, or a first CrossFit Open.

Being a witness to all of this was contagious and fueled me going into the workouts. There was one workout that stood out because it had the dreaded double unders. Flashback to the previous Open and it took me 36 minutes to complete the thruster double under couplet that should normally take around 12 minutes (shout out to Gys for judging me). After working on double unders for the entire year, I was able to string them together for a PR streak and it felt unbelievably rewarding. The Open however would not be complete without a fair share of humbling experiences. This came in the form of 21 reps of a 225 deadlift as an opening section of a workout but it was 10 lbs over my 1 rep max lift at the time. It was ultimately a blessing in disguise because now there is a clear training goal I have my sights set on for the rest of the year.

I have been doing Crossfit for over two years now and it has taught me so many things that crossover with all other aspects of life. Most importantly, it has taught me that hard work pays off both inside and outside the box. There are so many things that initially seem unreasonable as movements in Crossfit but tackling something everyday that’s seemingly scary guided by awesome coaches and a community that doesn’t stop cheering makes ordinary people do handstand walks, ring muscle ups, or maybe even a 225 deadlift for 21 reps.

416 Member Stories: Aish Muralidhar

We can’t wait to share all of these awesome Open stories and personal goals with you guys. Today’s 416 Member Story belongs to Aish, who has been nursing a couple of injuries lately but still manages to show up to class every day and work her hardest. Big shout-out to you Aish! If you see her in the gym make sure to give her a high five – but not too hard because her wrist is a little wonky right now! Here’s what she had to say:

I have been doing CrossFit for 8 months. I used to run exclusively prior to coming to CrossFit 416. Needless to say, CrossFit has drastically changed my fitness routine. I used to dread going for long runs to keep myself in shape. Now, I find I truly enjoy working out due to the short/high-intensity workouts and the fun atmosphere! I don’t think I have attended a class where I didn’t have at least one good chuckle. 🙂

This was my first Open. The experience was very eye opening since I saw how much more I am capable of achieving when pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. I think the energetic atmosphere and the adrenaline rush definitely contributed to my performance as well! It was also great to see some of my friends push themselves to RXmany of the workouts and get past their fear of not being able to complete a movement. It makes me feel hopeful that someday I too will be able to RX many of the workouts as I become a more seasoned athlete.

The Open was a time for me to learn about my strengths and weaknesses. Participation in each stage of the Open allowed me to realize the achievements made throughout an entire year of hard work. The Open also allowed me to develop closer bonds with other members of the CrossFit community.

My big win this year would have been cleaning 105 lbs workout 18.2, since I struggled improving beyond an 80lb clean prior to the Open. I’m still ecstatic about my new PR! My goal for the upcoming year is to be able to complete at least 1 pull-up and for the Open I would like to be able to RX at least 2 out of the 5 workouts.

I have made many new friends in the 416 community who keep me accountable to my goals and vice versa. Even on days where I know the WODs look tough, I still want to go to class because I know I will be with my friends tackling the workout together. The community is truly what helps me push through the pain because we all know that giving up hurts more!

416 Member Stories: Mohit Jumrani

Here at CrossFit 416, we want to know your why, your drive and your passion. We want to hear your voice and learn more about your journey and goals. After this years Open, we looked to our members to showcase their story. That story is their CrossFit journey, their challenges, successes and experiences. Over the next little while, we will be sharing a Member Story every week. Your voices will be heard loud and clear! Our first Member Story is Mohit’s. We asked him a series of questions about this years Open, his journey and community. Here’s what he had to say:

“For me, the Open is a chance to see, feel and be a part of the whole crossfit community, cheering and pushing friends and strangers to keep going. It also gives you a chance to see how you measure up against others and how you can improve. This is my second open but might as well be the first one.

Last year at Reebok Crossfit Gurgaon, the feelings from my newness to Crossfit and my first open made it more of a measuring stick vs. others in my box. This year, coming back from an injury in an absolutely new demographic at Crossfit 416, I took part in the Open to see where I stand against myself vs. last year and after this injury. The feeling about both the opens was essentially the absolute joy of being part of a community and seeing people come together. As someone relatively new to CrossFit, I feel fortunate that in the Open I learnt things about not only my physical weaknesses but also my mental strength.

The Open was never about the numbers for me. So my biggest win was not a PR, it was the surprise that when I reached my mental and physical brick wall, I unknowingly broke through it every time. Mind over body indeed.
It felt great to be able to do this and I could not have done any of it if it wasn’t for the people around me, especially coaches DK, Robyn and Dana.

Now that the Open is over, my goals are no longer numeric in nature. I simply want to get back to being regular (5 days a week) at CrossFit, manage my nutrition strictly, work on form primarily and see relative improvement in my work-capacity.

In my 30 years of existence, I have never been able to stick to anything fitness related for more than a few weeks in a year, and that would be in a good year. CrossFit has changed me as a person in every way I can think of.
To me, CrossFit is the joy after completing a workout (even though you died at least once), it is the surprise of being able to do the thing you never thought you could (mentally and physically), it is the happiness of meeting new people and, probably most importantly, it is the delight of being with your friends, suffering together, all because we love CrossFit.

I still cannot believe that I enjoy CrossFit so much that on my birthday I was working out at CF416 with my buddies (coaches and athletes). I am completely addicted!

The community means everything to me too. Gone are the days when to me CrossFit was all about fitness. I chose 416 only because I felt that it has a great community. I checked other boxes and they had their own community too, but CF416 felt just right. And as it turns out, I was right 🙂

Even though I have been coming to the gym for a short time, the community is the one that made me feel at home. Meeting new people from all walks of life, making friends with someone who would’ve never crossed your path otherwise, and pushing or getting pushed to become better, do better and strive harder. The people at 416 have given a lot for me to look forward to for the coming months/years.

The coaches at 416, who I now feel fortunate to count as my friends, understand my weaknesses and continue to help me become a stronger and better crossfitter. All the coaches and staff have played a big role in making me feel comfortable in a new box in a new country. Again, DK, Robyn and Dana have been unbelievably supportive and understanding. It was the initial contact with them and the pushes they kept giving me that made me feel confident again despite the circumstances.

It is because of the coaches and community of 416 that I feel I confident enough to do movements I never thought I could, continue to surprise myself in majority of the workouts, prioritize my nutrition, but most importantly, to understand that I must keep trying and learning every day without looking at what others are doing. Why? Because everyone has their own fitness journey and I compete only against myself.”