416Life: Carmen Muniz’s Story

Carmen Muniz was a member of 416Life for three months. Working with her  drove home the importance of being consistent and learning from your mistakes. Carmen from day 1 was dedicated to the program and was open to any suggestions I would throw her way. Starting off as quite an emotional eater, she’s now able to move forward on her own with clarity and understanding of her relationship with food and continue on a lifetime of progress. Here’s what Carmen had to say about 416Life.
This program means so much to me. It makes my life easier because I was having some problems with my eating. I didn’t know how to handle events and parties with friends because I wanted to avoid eating out. Every day I tried to eat clean but if one day something “forbidden” touch my mouth I lost my control and I ate whatever I found in front of me. Now this behavior is a thing of the past, I enjoy food and I try to choose the best option but sometimes I just enjoy whatever I crave. The program taught me there is no good and bad food, what counts is the daily/weekly/monthly balance.
Nowadays, I’m happy with many different areas: of course workouts, I’d never had so much energy, also relationships. Now it’s easier to spend time with my friends and my family, go shopping, and go to the store and be able to buy what I want… it makes my life easier and it gives me many choices for my meals!
I learned a lot of things about eating, recipes, how to control myself, healthy treats, differences between hungry and thirsty…! And the importance of making a fresh start after a day which was not what you expected! Now I now how to eat properly, what amount to feel better and to have enough energy my whole day and for my workouts. I’d never though I can eat so much and I feel confortable with this dieting because it’s like not dieting, I can choose the food that I crave… I can include some sweets and chocolate…
The coaching was perfect for me. The thing I used to hate about dieting was that I couldn’t make my own decisions.  Just thinking about someone else checking what I was eating made it easier to fit my macros – the most challenging thing about flexible dieting. Also I felt Robyn’s support all the time and learned how to make mistakes and learn from them. Of course when I had doubts Robyn was there for me and I think she made this program work for me with her advice and understanding me all the time, thanks Robyn for all your work.
I’d recommend this program to all the people who have a goal related to eating properly. Here they can find the keys to success, but mindfulness and self control are the most important things and they’re inside each one.

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10 Steps to Building Your Inner Athlete: Build Your Support System


The importance of having people around you that believe in and support what you’re doing – CrossFit gyms, this is what we thrive off of. Building your inner athlete takes a village.

Teammates or training partners: These guys are always in your corner. Find someone (or someones) who will push you when you need to be pushed and who will support you when you need some support. Not every day is going to be easy and getting through a hard day is made much easier when you have people going through the same thing you are. These guys get it. They know what you’re doing every day. This group of people are also best for adding levity to a lot of tough situations. Training can be difficult and nutrition can be overwhelming – Look to these people to give you a laugh.

Coaches: They also know what you’re going through. Usually they’re the ones making you do it! Open communication with coaches WILL help with your success. Let them know how you’re doing. How did that workout feel? How is your body feeling? How is your sleep, stress, hunger levels, work life? Your coach wants you to succeed – always remember that.

If you don’t have a coach, seek out a professional for advice. If you’re having issues with a certain movements, a certain diet plan, reach out to someone that can help you. You never have to do any of this alone. Nutritionists, Nutrition Coaches, Registered Dieticians, A coach at a local CrossFit box or gym, Personal Trainers, Physio therapists, Chiros. Your community is littered with knowledgeable people who can help you.

Loved ones: Although Grandma might not really understand what the heck it is your doing, she loves you. Ultimately that’s what matters. Your loved ones want you to succeed in anything you do. Being able to talk to these people about what it is you do is important. So, explain it to them. If Mom is starting to get a little worried that you’re tracking everything you put in your mouth or eating too much (or too little), sit down and explain it to her. If your boyfriend or girlfriend sees you starting to ramp up your training intensity and is afraid you’re going to get hurt, take him or her to the gym! Let them into this lifestyle and help them help you.

Having likeminded people around you who believe in you and believe in what you’re doing will help you be confident in yourself and confident in building your inner athlete.


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10 Steps to Building Your Inner Athlete: One Macro At A Time


For the amount of time you dedicate to training and getting a good sweat on, you should be able to show off what you work for by feeling great and looking great. What most people fail to realize is how important your entire lifestyle really is in playing a role towards these goals feeling and looking great.

Since you’re reading this, I take it you’ve started to think about, or have already decided to create this change in your lifestyle. In order to be most successful, we want to make sure we’re not biting off more than we can chew. That’s where things can go wrong and where most people usually fall off the wagon. It’s all about the little changes you make that soon turn into good habits, ultimately forming a better lifestyle.

So where do I start? Here are some questions you can ask yourself. What kind of good habits to I currently have?

Do I drink enough water first thing in the morning?

Do I take my vitamins every day, especially if I know I’m deficient in a certain nutrient?

Do I turn screens off 1 hour before bed time to make sure I get a sound sleep?

Do I get enough green vegetables every day in my current diet?

If you’ve answered “No” to any one of these questions, then you already know there’s a small change you can make to ultimately create a better lifestyle for yourself. Start there.

Over time, these small changes add up. You start to trust yourself that you can create small shifts and stay accountable, and you’re ready to tackle bigger challenges the more you build your confidence.

There’s always something we can be doing to better ourselves. What can you do to start?

The importance of understanding your quality of food before starting to count macronutrients is huge. The last thing we want to do is bite off more than we can chew by fitting measurements and numbers into our lifestyle before we have a good foundation. After that, you can start dialling in one thing at a time. Maybe after a week of tracking all your food, you realize that you eat way more fat than you realized. Let’s look at that first! Start to gradually reduce your fat intake over the course of a month (or more) and already you’ll start to see some changes. Once you’re there, then you can tackle the other macronutrients (Protein and Carbohydrates).

If all this is overwhelming and confusing, just remember one step at a time. If you’re feeling a little lost, approach a coach to help guide you through this phase. Getting to know our body is a process and a coach can help reduce the time to find your optimal diet plan in half.

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All The Breakfast Ideas You Need

Yogurt Berry Parfait

Protein: 27 grams
You’ll Need: o or 2%Greek yogurt, protein powder, berries, walnuts, cinnamon, a drizzle of honey

In a bowl, combine 175g 2% yogurt with half a scoop of your favourite protein powder. With half a cup berries and an ounce of chopped walnuts, top the parfait with a dusting of cinnamon and a drizzle of honey to complete this mighty muscle-building breakfast.

Breakfast Pizza

Protein: 34 grams
You’ll Need: Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Whole Grain English muffin, chorizo sausage or chicken/turkey sausage, egg, onion, salsa

Spoon 2 tablespoons tomato salsa on top of each toasted English muffin half. Sprinkle half an ounce of cheddar cheese on each pizza, and then top with a crumbled, cooked link of chorizo and sliced onions. Bake in a 350-degree toaster oven for 5 minutes or until cheese melts. Top with an over-easy fried egg.

Protein Lunch Box

Protein: 25 grams
You’ll Need: 2 hard boiled eggs, 1 slice Dave’s Killer Thin-Sliced Powerseed Bread or flax seed bread of choice with 1 tablespoon natural peanut butter, 1 oz string cheese, and grapes

If you don’t like to eat first thing in the morning or are on the go, a bento box is a great option. It allows you to graze through the early hours and offers up a solid dose of energy. Pack up two hard boiled eggs, string cheese, swipe a tablespoon of peanut butter on a slice of bread, and a half-cup of grapes to hit the nutritional mark.

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Protein: 24 grams
You’ll Need: Eggs, oat flour, ricotta cheese, vanilla extract, baking powder, lemon, milk, salt

If you’re looking to inject a protein boost into your pancakes without using protein powder, this recipe is for you. Rather than adding protein powder, you use an Italian cheese called ricotta and high-protein oat flour. Rather than feeling too heavy, these pancakes are brightened up with the tart addition of lemon zest. Using an electric mixer or hand whisk, whip 7 egg whites to stiff peaks.

In a separate large bowl, combine 2 ¾ cups ricotta, 1 ½ cups milk, 6 egg yolks, and the zest of one lemon. In a medium mixing bowl, combine your dry ingredients: 2 cups oat flour, 1 tablespoon baking powder, and 1 teaspoon salt. Add these dry ingredients to the wet, then fold in whites. Dole out batter onto a lightly buttered (or coconut oiled) griddle and cook until golden. This recipe makes 6 servings.

Savoury Oat Bowl

Protein: 26 grams
You’ll Need: Bacon or turkey bacon, onion, steel cut oats, cheddar cheese (or skim mozzarella cheese), egg

Start by sauteeing up diced, thick bacon. Once crispy, remove bacon and drain off fat. Add diced onion to the pan and cook until translucent. Add a quarter cup of steel cut oats, toast, and then add a cup of water. Allow to simmer until the oats have absorbed all the water (about 15 minutes.) When cooked, add back the bacon and top with cheese and a fried egg. With the magical energy-boost of protein, fat, and fiber, consider adding this dish to your breakfast routine!

Quinoa Power Bowl

Protein: 15 grams
You’ll Need: Quinoa, 2% milk, raw cacao powder, almonds, strawberry

For you plant eaters! Quinoa is a small grain that’s has lots of protein. It’s one of the few vegan-based superfoods that is a complete protein, meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids. To make this bowl, add a quarter cup of quinoa, half a cup of milk, and a tablespoon of cacao powder to a small pot and simmer for about 4 minutes. Pour into a bowl, top with sliced fresh fruit and half an ounce of almonds.

Savoury Chickpea Crepes

Protein: 20 grams
You’ll Need: Canned chickpeas, extra virgin olive oil, yellow onion, rosemary, salt, mushrooms and asparagus

Set your oven to 450 degrees. Place a 10-inch cast iron skillet with a tablespoon olive oil and half a diced onion to heat up. In a blender, blend a can of garbanzo beans (or chickpeas) with a pinch of salt. Once the pan is hot, pour chickpea batter directly into the pan on top of the onions. Sprinkle with rosemary and cook for about 10 minutes, turn the broiler on and toast the top for another 3 minutes. When it’s ready, serve with sauteed mushrooms and asparagus. This is easy for weekend brunch or breakfast and can be topped with anything you’d like!

CrossFit 416 Daily – Friday, August 11th


Tall Clean – Video

5 x 3-4 reps



Squat Clean

3-3-3-3-3 reps

*Build up



Rounds for time

10 x Front Squats

10 x Over the Bar Burpees

Performance: @50% of 1RM

Fitness: @60% of 5RM

Habits vs Goals

416Life Testimonial – Julie Vincent

Julie Vincent recently finished the 6-week intensive program that 416Life offers. Over the course of the 6 weeks, she lost 9lbs and became much more confident and aware of her eating choices. Here’s what she has to say:

The process to sign up for the 416Life Nutrition Program was very convenient.  Robyn and Emilie made the program easy to follow, exciting and kept it professional. This encouraged me to join the program and provided me with the support to succeed.

The 416Life Nutrition Program taught me a lot about my eating habits and how they affected my life/body. I was not aware of how much emotional eating was affecting my life.   I decided to take control of it!  It’s not always easy but when you are aware of it, it makes the whole process more manageable.

My relationship with food is definitely less emotional than it was 6-7 weeks ago. I’m much more accountable for the type and amount of food I’m having since I started counting my macros.  Tracking your food intake makes you aware of all your habits! For example, I didn’t know that I was eating that much fat every day and that fat had such a big impact on my body composition.

I tracked my food on a daily basis and received helpful hints from Robyn as I went along.  Every week she surprised me with ideas on how I can continue achieving my goals. I found the weekly check-ins and support to be quite helpful.  What I also liked was that Robyn helped me set realistic goals that weren’t too drastic. This contributed to my success in the program and will help me continue with my success after the program.

I definitely had the attention I needed to be successful.  I like the approach of having a call once in a while.  Furthermore, writing down how the week went and having Robyn replying with a lot of information and feedback was extremely valuable. Addressing why I was binge eating and planning my meals ahead of time helped with my success. Doing this introspection work helped take control of my eating patterns.

Without any hesitation, I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone looking to have a better relationship with food.  The amount of knowledge, support, and growth I received from participating in this program will continue helping me in the future.

Don’t overthink this and do it.  Change doesn’t happen without any action.


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