Your Health is Not A Trend

Your health is not a trend, so why should your diet be?

We’ve all heard of the Keto Diet, the Paleo Diet, the low fat High carb diet, juice cleanses, detoxes, Whole 30, The Tom Brady, Intermittent Fasting and the list goes on and on.

We all have a diet; the food we eat. Being in a caloric deficit is what’s called being, “on a diet” and is another thing completely.
What works for some won’t work for others. All diets work if you’re consistently sticking to them. But what happens when you stop doing this diet?

These diets were test studies done to reverse the effects of diabetes or epilepsy and a wide range of medical conditions. What came out of these studies was accidental weight loss. So, slap a label on it and sell it and the world has created trending diets.
But when the weight loss you wanted comes or the exhaustion of being so strict comes along, you feel lost. You go back to old eating habits to “give yourself a break”. You realize this wasn’t a sustainable way of living.

Unlike fashion trends that come and go and often make their way back around 30 years later, our health and body is here to stay. We buy health and life insurance to make sure we are taken care of in the case of an accident – but why aren’t we insuring our body by nourishing and fuelling it properly? One trend that will forever stand true until the end of time is eating whole foods, fruits and vegetables. Adding more of these to every meal will not make you Instagram famous, but it’ll sure make your body happy. That should be worth a million likes in itself.

Have you ever heard of the 80/20 principle? It’s also another way of saying balance. Bare with me, I’m going to refrain from saying “diet” again, we all have a diet. But we are not all “on a diet”. When it comes to fuelling and nourishment, 80 % of the food you eat should be nutritious whole foods. These foods are easily found on the outer perimeter of the grocery store. The other 20% are foods you crave or enjoy without compromising your health. In order to live a healthy and well balanced life,  gut, mind and body you need not deprive yourself of foods that make you happy. Kale may nourish your body but how that double scoop totally feeds your soul is just as important. This prevents us from reverting back to old unhealthy diet trends and an unhealthy relationship with food. Cut the “good food”, “bad food” and “cheat” out of your vocabulary and eat for enjoyment and nourishment. We only have one life, so ensure it and don’t sell out on these “trends”

Want to be held accountable, receive more education and have more support with your nutrition?
Contact our nutrition coach to insure you are supported through lifestyle and behaviour adjustments!


You had a mission, get into the gym, follow a nutrition plan, drink lots of water, get lots of sleep, go out to the bar less;  so that you can lose 20lbs.  You set the goal and achieved it, or came close, so now what?

Why do so many people, after reaching their goal, put the weight back on? And sometimes more!

In our opinion, it’s because of the lack of ACCOUNTIBILITY.  Lifestyle changes, building a healthy relationship with food, and a consistent workout schedule requires accountability to fight temptation and keep us on track.

What does accountability look like?

1)Goal Setting – At CF 416 we try to meet with as many members as possible on a quarterly basis to identify the goals they’re working on.  This simple admission of their goals to our staff makes them accountable for their goal before the next goal setting meeting.

2)Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching – Working with a Nutrition coach provides constant review of your food logs, and helps with specific challenges you may have due to work, family, or medical condition.  Professional assistance and an outside view can go a long way when trying to make the right choices every day.

3)Testing – At CF 416 we have invested in an Inbody.  The Inbody body composition analyser measures body fat, muscle mass, and total body water to gain an accurate reading of what you’re made of.  This machine provides an amazing snapshot of progress towards body composition goals.  To help keep you accountable, we recommend testing every 2-3 months.

4)Food Tracking – Understanding what you eat on a daily basis can go a long way to ensure you are being accountable to yourself.  Once goals are met, tracking your food will keep you inline by providing insight into whether you’re going overboard or not with treats, or food amount.

Once your goal has been reached, maintaining a lifestyle that keeps you moving forward can be a huge challenge.  These tools work.  If you want more guidance, our Nutrition Coaching services is a great place to start.

How are you going to keep yourself accountable? Email me to let me know!


Holding up your end of the bargain.

You may not be aware of it, but at CF416 we have a Method that we follow to improve the fitness and health of our members.

Nutrition/Lifestyle => Movement => Training

We believe that the foundation of health, wellness, and fitness is Nutrition and Lifestyle.  Eating well, sleeping a lot, keeping stress levels low, and developing meaningful relationships are what makes up this foundation.  Without this foundation you will never achieve optimal levels of health and fitness.

The next stage of our Method is Movement.  We consider this as one’s ability to move pain free by building a strong, healthy body and mind while prioritizing technique over intensity.  Movement is part of everyday life, but not everyone moves well or efficiently.  A relentless approach to improve movement mechanics will provide the greatest reward in your training.

Finally, we look at training.  Establishing goals, developing a plan, and executing the plan with support and guidance from coaches makes up a road map to training.  Yes, the majority of our members will take our group classes, however an individuals goals will have a dramatic effect on the approach to each class and workout.

For each aspect of our Method, we provide support.

Nutrition, and lifestyle coaching is available through our partners at Bodzii.

CrossFit Basics, our Structure program, and Therapy services through Ohfast  help you develop the foundation of pain free, efficient movement.

CrossFit Classes, Personal Training, GRIT, and Barbell Breakdown provide a variance in training depending on your goals.

Your coaches support covers on average 4-6 hours per week for each of our members.  The remaining 164 hours is on you.  Preparing quality meals, getting adequate sleep, staying hydrated, getting outside, socializing, building relationships, stretching, and playing new sports.  Going to the gym is only part of the process.

The progress you see in the gym will be directly related to what you do outside of the gym.  You are the only one who can control this.  But we’ve got your back!

Let’s have a conversation about building your foundation, progressing and improving your daily habits.



Are you ready for a competition?

This is a trick question – we don’t sign up for 10k runs, Marathons, Tough Mudder, or CrossFit Competitions because we are ready to compete. We don’t sign up because we think that we are finally in good enough shape or that its finally time to show off all the work you put in.   So why should you sign-up for a competition?

1) To find out what you’re capable of – Competition will push you to your limits.  It’s very common to coast a little during a class or training session.  The adrenaline felt during a competition will show you what your body is capable of.

2) Identify true weaknesses – A weakness is only a real weakness if you find you are unable to do it while working at your hardest.  Competitions force you to complete movements you might normally avoid.  This small feeling of failure will propel you to push harder to get better next time the movement comes up in class.

3) Training with purpose – Preparing for an upcoming competition will provide a high level of motivation during training.  You get to strategize, work harder, and seek advice from coaches all with a goal in mind to do your best in the comp.  This motivation can help you get out of a training rut, and move you forward.

4) Inspiration – During competition you will have an opportunity to watch incredible displays of strength, power, endurance, and overall determination. Watching someone achieve a goal during competition (like a PR, or their first pull-up) makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up.  Witnessing moments like this are inspirational, and give you extra push and focus to achieve your own goals.

5) Make new friends and have FUN! –You most likely attend the same class time every day at CF416.  So naturally you’re only exposed to a small group of 416 members.  Our in-house or team competitions bring more like minded 416’ers together in friendly competition.  It’s a great way to meet some new people and have some fun doing it.

If you’re on the fence about participating in an upcoming competition, talk to a coach, or ask a friend to compete with you.  It might be what you need to drive you forward, to break your plateaus, and even give you confidence and added purpose to your training!

 Upcoming events:

  • CF 416 Classic September 21, 2018. A staple in our annual calendar.  This Classic is a great way to test yourself against all the hard work you’ve put into developing your Olympic lifting skills and strength.  The format is “ladder” style and ALL members are encouraged to participate. Sign-up NOW!
  • Battle of the Boxes – September 29th, 2018 @ CF Metric. We’re looking for teams to compete in this mixed CrossFit competition.  There are 3 divisions available based on fitness and skill level.  Contact if you’re interested in competing.
  • CF 416 Members Competition – November 17, 2018. Our annual members competition is a can’t miss event.  Be prepared to challenge yourself, cheer on your team mates, and wear a funny costume. Stay tuned for details.



GRIT Fall Session


With race season around the corner, the focus on the Fall session will complement your steady runs with time and distance based pacing manipulations. We will still use some overloading techniques, such as sandbags, hills and stairs, but the primary focus will be getting you in peak race condition.The Fall session is for anyone who:

  • Wants to compliment their race training with interval training
  • Improve their anaerobic and aerobic energy systems
  • Enjoys running focused workouts
  • Learn how to control your pacing

Tuesdays will blend overload training and time-based intervals. The purpose of these workouts is to help runners develop a stronger sense of their pacing through feel. The aim is to promote consistency and performance through the feedback that your body provides you.

The track provides the opportunity to match our distance and time pacing, and this allows to target our energy systems with some greater accuracy.


GRIT is built on an evolving philosophy that training should focus first on the individual, and second, we workout together because who share the goals of being healthy and fit while having fun. The phrase that I use to remember this is ‘Own Your Lane’. This is intended to express, in part, the following:

  • Understand your own unique movement patterns, body type, strengths, weaknesses, etc.
  • Measure your own performance
  • Learn from those around me, but don’t compare myself to them
  • Stick to your own values
  • Keep moving forward


The Athlete Debrief is an opportunity for one-on-one conversations with Coach Andrew. The conversations can cover any topic or issue that you want to address, including race preparation, program design, personal goals, etc. The floor is yours to discuss any topic that is important to you. And, it’s free. 

To book a time, send Andrew a Facebook message or email him at

Structure: Confidence in Motion

Confidence in motion. That’s been the theme of Structure thus far. By showing people how to engage the right muscles properly, and push the intensity in the right way, they have gained increased awareness of their own bodies.

As a result, they are now more confidently expressing their body’s abilities. It’s been a privilege to watch that happen. I’m seeing all of my participants slowly open up and get more confident and comfortable actually using their bodies, and that makes me really proud as a coach and a human being. They’re having a lot of fun in the process as well, but maybe that’s just because they’re scheming to harm me.

In reality, it’s all about widening the base. By focusing on increasing awareness through exercises that most people don’t do on a regular basis, we are widening the base. When we’ve established awareness of the role of certain muscles, we focus on moving better by using that newfound awareness in movements that may already be familiar to the athlete. Enhanced awareness leads to better movement.

Currently, there are two cycles of Structure ongoing: Upper Body in the evenings, and Lower Body in the mornings. We hit the sleds together on Saturday mornings. Whether it’s upper or lower body, the aims are similar and the underlying principles are the same. I want to make those who have entrusted me with their fitness move safer first, by creating more awareness of the role of certain muscles in the body during certain movements.

Only when you’ve learned to adequately create tension and stability, should you focus on moving faster. Moving faster should not necessarily be a priority if you can’t support your joints at the speed you’re moving at. Structure is all about enhancing that ability through increased awareness and stability.

It’s about broadening the foundation for movement through exercises that target underutilized muscles in order to allow you to create more tension–or torque–throughout your body when you move. This leads to increased strength, stability, and ultimately speed, just to name a few factors.

If you want to do muscle ups, or back squat double or triple your bodyweight, you have to build the musculature to be able to support those forces or loads first. This is where most people go wrong, in my opinion–which results in more overuse injuries than I’d like to see in our gym. How frustrating is an injury? The feeling that you’re losing all of your hard-earned progress, completely messing up your routine, and the loss of confidence in your body’s ability to move as you’d like it are really tough to deal with.

Structure is my way to try to prevent or at least stop these injuries and help people reach their actual potential safely.

If you’re interested in seeing for yourself, contact me and you can come try a Saturday morning session with us. We don’t bite, although a few of us have thrown up (not on each other, thankfully). The more the merrier. We’d love to see you on a Saturday!

Sept 1 – Off

Sept 8 – 9 AM

Sept 15 – 9 AM

If you have questions, talk to me in person, or shoot me an email at Details for the next cycles of Structure are still being finalized. You can stay up-to-date by liking or following Structure Training TO on Facebook or Instagram.