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MINDSET: “I quit before I even started…”

I woke up before my alarm went off, grabbed my phone to see what kind of day laid ahead. It’s somewhat routine for me to let my brain strategize a schedule that had become routinely scheduled down to the minute. I have 21 minutes from the time my alarm goes…

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Programming Preview – November 26th

Hi Everyone, It’s the testing week!  Time to celebrate all of your hard work over the last 6 weeks.   We will start with the long station workout that you guys all loved it from Oct 11. Tuesday we will see how much we improved our side plank time and 10RM…

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MINDSET: Defining Success – A Client Story

Check out this client story from Jax: I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Coach Robyn one-on-one as a Coach. For those who know Robyn well, she is an artist and has a high value placed on Creativity. Robyn, like many of us, was struggling to…

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MINDSET: Working through Challenges

  Like it or not, it’s inevitable, we all have those bad days or moments, they are going to happen. That difficult task or deadline. That painful, kill your ego WOD that makes you wonder why you ever started CrossFit in the first place. That something you just don’t want…

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