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CF 416 Daily – April 23, 2014

Skill OTM x 10 Strict Pull-ups – 2 x Assisted Pull-ups OTM x 5, 8-10 reps OTM x 5 DB Hammer Curls Kipping Pull-ups HSPU Walking HS Kipping Muscle-up   WOD 12 Min AMRAP 10 x Box Jump (24/20) 10 x Hand Release Push-up 10 x Ring Row    

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CF 416 Daily

  Make sure you check out the info on our latest strength/skill cycle here Skill OTM x 10 – work for 30 sec each minute on your chosen skill – Strict Pull-up – 3 x 3 sec negative each minute (for first 5 min), 8 reps DB bent over row…

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New Strength/Skill Cycle

We have done some testing over the last couple weeks, and we are now ready to dive into a new cycle.  This cycle will focus on squatting and your choice of an advanced gymnastics skill.  We will be squatting on Monday and Thursday, and working our skill on Tuesday, Wednesday…

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Kipping Muscle-up Progression

To develop the kipping Muscle-up, follow this progression.  Note that it is important to be able to complete 7-10 strict pull-ups, 7-10 ring dips, 7-10 kipping pull-ups prior to working towards a kipping muscle-up . Fasle grip will be our first key to developing the kipping muscle-up.  The false grip is simply a…

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Kipping Pull-up Progression

To develop the kipping pull-up, follow this progression.  Note that it is important to be able to complete 3-5 strict pull-up prior to working towards a kipping pull-up. Your ability to move in and out of a hollow body to superman position is key to the kipping pull-up.  If you…

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Handstand Push-Up Progression

To develop your handstand push-ups, follow this progression.  Ensure that you are able to complete 8-10 reps before moving on to the next progression. HSPU #1 HSPU #2 HS Kick-up – This video is an example of how to practice kicking up into a handstand.  Although it is not demonstrated against…

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