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What grip should we be using and why?

Hey 416 Fam, Coach Hannah here. Let’s talk grip. What grip should we be using and why? We often see really heavy deadlifts being lifted with an over-under (mixed) grip, which is a really great way to get a heavy weight up without totally taxing your grip. Even though this…

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The Mirror Doesn’t Lie (Part 2)

Getting back into a routine after the holidays can be tough. I’ve been there. Gone are the days you could sleep in, enjoy delicious meals, and ignore your calendars. As you begin to ease into your normal routine, you might also be looking for motivation to get back into a…

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Getting Under the Bar

In simple terms, a snatch or clean is a jump and land. More specifically and importantly, it is an aggressive jump up and a strong punch down. In the heat of a workout or a heavy lift we sometimes forget how much power, speed and aggression must go into the…

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How Fitness Shortcuts Hurt Your Health

This week, you set some New Year’s Resolutions. And yesterday, on January 2nd aka “International Shortcut Day”, you were thrilled to discover that you could achieve them all EASILY and FAST in the next 30 days! Woohoo – what will you do with the rest of your year??! Of course,…

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Health and Fitness Assessment: Check your Bank Statement

When we’re looking to save money, and cut household costs, most people will do an analysis of their bank and credit card statements to see what things they can eliminate or reduce from their monthly expenses. What if I told you that your bank and credit card statements could also…

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