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Programming Preview – November 12th

Hi Everyone, Congrats to everyone who competed at 416 Cup on Saturday!!!  I hope all you guys are ready and recovered from the previous week as well as members comp. We will have all kinds of squatting in the strength this week. 🙂 Tuesday Olympic Lifting will focus on the…

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Programming Preview – November 5th

Happy November Everyone, We have made it to 4th week of our programming focus. I know you are all excited for the Members Comp happening on Saturday whether you are part of a team or planning to come watch your friends it’s going to be an awesome event!!  We have…

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New Session of Barbell Breakdown!

The next Barbell Breakdown session starts November 11th! Learn how to move better, faster and more confidently with a barbell during the Olympic lifts, the Clean, Snatch and Jerk. The key to better movement is… well, moving better and doing it consistently. Sometimes we get caught up in the speed…

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Programming Preview – October 29th

Hi Everyone, Welcome to week 3 of our latest programming cycle. If you missed our post earlier this week, we are now giving out the full week of workouts via email (only if you’re interested). If you would like to receive the email on Sundays please sign-up the mailing list….

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