August Athlete of the Month: Leslie Blumer!!

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August Athlete of the Month: Leslie Blumer!!

I grew up in Toronto and am definitely a big-city girl. I live downtown with my little dog Charlie and
some guy named Mark. I am a commercial real estate lawyer.

After wandering aimlessly around your more standard gyms for a few years, wondering why I wasn’t
getting any stronger, I figured it was time for a change. I tried a multitude of group classes but none
really stuck. I kept hearing about CrossFit but was apprehensive. I finally forced myself to give it a
chance and I have never looked back.

Honestly, it was a convenience factor for me (shortest distance from home) that brought me to 416. That being said, there are now other gyms much closer to where I live but what keeps me at 416 are the coaches and other members. Everyone is so friendly and encouraging. Even if I have a brutally long day at the office, I love that I have a chance to get in a really tough workout and see so many friendly faces! It makes the long days at work much better.

My first impression of 416: Everyone is so good and I am terrified. This hasn’t changed. There are so
many strong, skilled people at 416 and I still get nervous every time that clock counts down from 10. I
am getting used to it though.

My proudest moment at 416 was getting my first strict pull-up. I never thought I would be able to do

Right now I’m working on… everything!! But really…figuring out how I got bar muscle-ups in an open workout (since I can’t seem to get them again), ring dips and clean technique. Also…how to not rip my hands everytime I touch the rig.


34 Deadlifts (95lbs) [Not sure what the men’s weight would be]
3 Bar MU
34 Box Jumps
34 Hang Power Cleans
3 Bar MU
34 Pull-ups (kipping, not strict)
34 Burpees over the bar
3 Bar MU

I have too many favourite 416 memories to name. I love any time someone accomplishes a goal they
had been working toward. It’s always exciting.

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