August Athlete of the Month: Adam Brady Brown!!

       I was born and raised in Ottawa.  I moved to Toronto about 7 years ago after spending five years working as a tower climber all around Canada and in the Arctic.  I now live with my girlfriend Beverley and our fat cat Winston on Toronto’s waterfront.  I currently work for Ink Entertainment as their Director of Digital Media.  If you see any ads for clubs, parties, raves, hip hop concerts, or festivals, that’s my fault.  I’m sorry.
       Before Crossfit I would go to the gym and focus on the glory muscles.  Pipes and pecs.  It was during a party at a friends house that someone cracked a joke about how top heavy my body was.  I decided two things after that night, I needed to change my workout regimen and I needed to hang out with nicer people.  After a bit of research, Crossfit appeared to be the solution to both of those problems.
        I was going for a run along Queens Quay and Lakeshore when I saw a group of people leaving Crossfit416 covered in ten times as much sweat as I was and looked twenty times more fit.  I popped my head in and set up a meeting with Robyn and the rest is history.
       I was naturally a little bit intimidated when I went to my first class, but during my training sessions Robyn and Rachel were really welcoming and had a good sense of humour, so I figured I had nothing to be afraid of.  Now that I’ve been a member for almost a year, whenever I see or hear of a new member I try and welcome them and partner up.  I’ll also go on Wodify and give a thumbs up for peoples results on the whiteboard.
          After only being a member for a few months I participated in  the Crossfit416 Members Open.  I don’t know how it happened, but our team ended up winning.  I really didn’t think we’d have a chance but we did it.  I’ll never underestimate anyone at 416 again.  It was an amazing event and I can’t wait to do it again this year.
        I’m currently aiming to get my first successful muscle up.  I’ve been practicing at the gym after classes and in the park when I’m out for a run.  When I’m confident enough to do a successful attempt I hope to get it on film so I can share it with my friends, family, enemies and ex girlfriends.
          If I were to create a WOD  it would be called the Billy Hoyle (Woody Harrelson’s character in the film White Man Can’t Jump)
• 20 over the box jumps
• 15 chest to bar
• 15 front squats
• 20 toes to bar
       My favourite 416 memory would have to be coming in on Saturdays and partnering up with Frederico for WOD’s.  He would always push the pace and I would realize how much more I’m capable of achieving.  Have fun in Spain dude!  Adios amigo!
      Thanks again guys.  I can’t believe I get free Crossfit for life! (nice try, Adam!)