August 2017 Athlete of the Month: Levi McCulloch

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August 2017 Athlete of the Month: Levi McCulloch

I grew up in the sweeping metropolis of Shubenacadie Nova Scotia which is famous for not very much. However we do have a wildlife park, tidal bore river rafting and lots of dairy farms. For the past 7 years I’ve worked as a Software Developer at Porter Airlines, but will soon be leaving to live in New York City and taking up a new opportunity at Amazon.  It’s bittersweet because I love this city (and this box), but I’ll be back ….this place has become home to me.

Before CrossFit I was basically dicking around with dumbbells in the condo gym. I decided to take the intro classes at Crossfit 416 with the objective of getting comfortable with a barbell. I’m obviously still not comfortable because I haven’t left. 😉 In reality the programing and community keep me way more motivated then I could be at a traditional gym. Coming to CrossFit has become a core part of my day. When 416 first opened on Queen’s Quay I noticed it on my walk to work. I always thought to myself “I should check that place out” and eventually I did.

I actually have an accurate record of my first impression at 416…. Well more my first impression of the WOD. I was pretty religious about writing in my book until the we got wodify, this was my first entry after my first regular class.

My proudest moment at 416 had to be breaking 200 lbs on my clean was super important to me at the time. That number seems light now, which I guess makes it even more memorable. I remember that was about the time other members would compliment my form as it was starting to resemble something graceful sometimes. Right now, I’m close, I’m so close to reaching crossfitter puberty getting a ring muscle up. I almost don’t want to admit that’s what I’m working on because I crack under pressure and do worse when people are watching. It’s hard being tall, or at least that’s the excuse I make for everything in crossfit that doesn’t include a rower.

So..if given the chance, this is what I would program for the class:

“Short (wo)man’s Hell”

For Time

Row 500 m

Double Unders – One for every second in your split time

(eg: 1:30 split = 90 reps, 2:00 split= 120 reps)

Row 500m

Burpees  (One for every second in your split time)

After being at 416 for long time my best memory(and I genuinely enjoy making others smile) was the time I told the entire class about my vivid Coach Andrew dream. (No…. not that kind of dream!). In this dream I was visiting the dentist, and after I got into the chair the lady there told me my regular dental hygienist was sick and a someone else was filling in for her. Next thing I know Andrew is standing over me with a face mask and sharp instruments in hand. He’s shouting “WHAT THE F*CK IS THIS? You aren’t even flossing here! … Listen up everyone, this man’s mouth is disgusting”.

 I am moving, it’s bitter sweet. CrossFit has been a big part of my life these past 4 years, butI’m looking forward to dropping in when I’m back in Toronto to visit.
I’m honored to be the athlete of the month!

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