Athlete of the Month: Scott Manderson (aka. Bananderson)

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Athlete of the Month: Scott Manderson (aka. Bananderson)

I grew up in Oakville and went to Queen’s for Mechanical Engineering.  Once I graduated, I moved downtown and ended up getting a job as an analyst for an energy company.  I eventually moved onto work at TD where I currently manage our Business Credit Card product strategy.  My fiancé Courtney and I also recently bought our first home and we are currently planning our wedding for this coming fall.

I originally decided to check out Crossfit as both my Mom and Sister had already tried it out a few months earlier.  I had been working out at University and thought I was in pretty good shape – needless to say, that was proven to be false in a matter of minutes in my first session.  Hard to believe that was 9 years ago this month.

When I switched jobs in 2015 and started working downtown for TD, it finally made sense to find a gym closer to home.  416 was a few blocks away so I dropped in for a class after work – I signed up for a membership after class and haven’t looked back.

My first impression of 416 was that there was a ton of really fit people that pushed the limits of what I thought was possible.  My previous gym was a bit smaller in terms of membership and definitely skewed towards an older crowd – it was humbling to see myself get smoked in the class Wods daily.  Beyond that, there was also a super close community that made the gym a fun place to come every day.  Over the years, I’ve been amazed at the number of members that have moved on to become coaches, and it’s great to see how they keep the community strong.

Winning the lifestyle challenge in 2016 has to be on my list of proudest moments – I managed to lose almost 20lbs in two months with some changes to my diet.  It also led to the creation of Banana Club, as the challenge rules only allowed us to eat them after working out.  For some reason, that habit stuck and it’s become the daily routine.  I’ve pitched to Dana and Dan numerous times that there’s a business opportunity here – banana subscriptions, 416-branded banana guards, shirts, etc. – I think they’re just waiting for the right time to cash in this winning ticket.

I can’t say I’m working on anything in particular, but my ongoing goal is to ensure I can keep up with Derya on Saturday morning partner wods. Hopefully I can enjoy a few easy wins when she gets back from her month-long vacay!

My WOD would be:

“No warmup needed”

60 cal row

50 wall balls (20/14)

40 pull-ups

30 power cleans (135/95)

20 front squats (135/95)

10 thrusters (135/95)

(as prescribed involves no warmup, just grab your equipment and go.  If you’re not warm after 5 minutes of rowing and wall balls…)

My favourite memory at 416 had to be the final event of the 2017 members competition.  The workout was a couplet of dumbbell thrusters and burpee box jump overs, with each member of the team going consecutively.  When it got to the last team members, Bilal and I got to the dumbbells at the same time and were surrounded by the rest of our teams, and what felt like 100 other people screaming.  Adrenaline took over from there and we managed to pull out the win.  I think there’s photos of the team celebrating while I was dying on the floor next to them.


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