November Athlete of the Month: Scott Enright!!

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November Athlete of the Month: Scott Enright!!

I’m from Saint John, New Brunswick and moved to Toronto in 2010 for what was supposed to be 1 year… I’ve stuck around. I work as a Solution Architect in the Contact Center/Telecommunications industry. In laymen’s terms, I help make the voice robot that says “thank you for calling, press 1 for English” work.

I had been on the Goodlife routine of one muscle group a day for years and was looking for a change. Some friends from home mentioned CrossFit and after looking it up I found 416 was only a few blocks away.

In my first intro class we did a circuit that included rowing and ring rows. I remember walking home with the biggest bicep pump I’ve had in a long time and have been drinking the Crossfit Kool Aid since. Coming in with a fair amount of strength I was quickly humbled by the high technical movements of Olympic lifting and gymnastics and became eager to improve as much as possible. This is where the coaches at CF416 were more than willing to instruct and push me to be my best, even though at times it felt like Coach Andrew was trying to kill us with some of the old comp stream programming. One of the things I’ve noticed over the years is that if you want to get better and are willing to work, the coaches are always willing to give you extra guidance and encouragement to meet your goals.

There have been numerous proud moments at CF416 including all of the traditional highlights (PR lifts, first muscle up, first handstand walk, etc), but I think my proudest moments have been during the FNL Open workouts when a member that you just watched or judged puts themselves through hell thanks you for pushing them through it and doing more than they thought they could.

I’m currently working on my cardio/endurance…. it’s been a long-term love/hate relationship.

I love a workout that leaves you with a good pump and has ample rest periods, so:

4 rounds, 4 mins on/4 mins rest:
20 cal row
20 push ups
max reps squats (225/155)*

*must be done listening to country music

I joined CF416 in March 2013 and it’s been filled with countless great memories. The original “Bro-Sesh” throw downs on Saturday mornings, competing in local team competitions and getting cheered on as the last man standing in 17.3 by everyone in the gym probably stand out the most.

Aside from providing a place for me to workout, it provided a guy from a small town that moved to the big city without really knowing anyone to find a welcoming community and friends for life.

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