Athlete of the Month: Paul Pettigrew (aka. East Coast Pauly)!!

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Athlete of the Month: Paul Pettigrew (aka. East Coast Pauly)!!

I was born and raised in Truro, Nova Scotia – a small agricultural town an hour outside Halifax. I’m a small town country boy who vowed never to leave the town. Here I am. Toronto. The big smoke. What have I done? I work for a national accounting firm where my practice focuses on corporate advisory and restructuring. I help companies stick handle through troubled times and if they’re too far gone assist in their closure. I love the variety of players. Keeps me on my feet and never a dull moment!


I started CrossFit when I was recovering from a sports injury and found it difficult to get back into my regular gym routine. I needed a change. Something to reignite the fire. A colleague invited me to a free community class at her CrossFit box. I had a blast, impressed with the supportive community, as well the variety of movements. I was hooked!


I came to 416 because of location. Proximity.  Joking… kind of. When I moved from Truro to Halifax I struggled for a year finding my place in the city. I didn’t want this in Toronto. I touched down on Friday evening and walked in 416 Saturday AM. The rest is history.


I remember my first day like it was yesterday. Coach Derya and Hannah were motivating the class ahead of mine, box jumps were in there, as were burpees, while Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5 blasted.  I was home. The “new girls/guys” are the “regulars” now!  I find people in the CrossFit community are driven and strive for success. Several of the faces I’ve seen, who were supportive in my journey, have left, leaving us as the “regulars” to carry on, support, and promote this awesome community.


My proudest moment at 416 was signing up last minute for the Members’ Cup. Olympic lifts are a challenge for me but this night, I’ll  always remember, the encouragement and excitement in members during my lifts. PR’s were had, hive-fives were thrown, and smiles for days.


I’m currently working on a bar muscle up!  I’ve graduated from a jumping muscle up to the green band. Here we go.


My WOD would be:
“Heave Away”
10 Rounds (time cap 35 mins)
Bench Press x 25 @ 40% (cap at 95lbs/65/lbs)
Rounds 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 – Rowing 250m
Rounds 2, 4, 6, 8,10 – Double Unders x 25


I love the pace yourself workouts. The bench press reminds me of the olden days – and having that tight chest feeling for days afterwards. The row, because, I love the row. Double unders since I crossed that off the 416 October goal challenge :).


My favourite moment was hands down when Coach DK played not only a country song (Shania) but also a tune from the east coast (Great Big Sea). The class size was three. The push-back was still strong. And I was a very very happy man.

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