Athlete of the Month: Leuween Beattie!!

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Athlete of the Month: Leuween Beattie!!

I’m 28 and from the west coast of Ireland and moved here from Dublin almost two years ago with my boyfriend. I am a fashion designer for a knitwear company, we make cool jumpers (that’s a sweater) here in Canada and I love it.

I came to Crossfit because I’d seen the Youtube docs about the games and had heard how great the classes are for regular people and was really intrigued. I never really had a consistent workout routine for my 20s and wanted to change that.

I found 416 when I played touch rugby last summer to get out in the fresh air and meet some people. One of the guys’ girlfriend’s (Lee) had started at 416 and loved it so I signed up and lucked out to have Robyn be my basics coach. I watched the classes with nervous excitement.

I think my initial impression was how cool it was that everyone was exhausted at the end of every WOD. It made me more comfortable that even though I wasn’t at the same level as everyone else we all were dead after the workouts. That definitely hasn’t changed.

My standout moment happened during the open when I surprised everyone and mostly myself by squat cleaning 95lbs. I couldn’t believe it and I want to have the feeling of accomplishment more and more.

Doing the open was terrifying and great craic (fun for us non-Irish folk), I didn’t have any expectations, I just wanted to get through it. I’ve realised what I want to work on from doing it though so my next goal is a strict pull-up and keep working on those handstands.

My worst WOD would be Burpees, Box jumps and wall balls what hell. I suppose that tells me what to work on but I my WOD would be called
back squats (this is a new addition)
knees to chest,
single unders
and handstand practise.
I think my favourite memory at 416 is the first time I kicked up into a handstand, the encouragement was insane and now I want to do it all the time.

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