Athlete of the Month: Alexyss Yap

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Athlete of the Month: Alexyss Yap

I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. And moved to Canada for my grade 13 (Yes, I am that old) – by settling in Oakville for years before moving to Toronto. And being a part of Chinese family, the kids were usually either a doctor, engineer or accountant. Since I am not that smart, I settled to become a CPA instead 😅😅.

I started off by going to GoodLife for a few years and then I got bored. After that, I found a gym by Yonge and Wellesley (DCC) that combined a crazy conditioning with some lifting. One of the coaches, Blaise, programmed the classes more like the CF classes which intrigued me more.

I went to Argon CF (predecessor of CF6S) first but it mysteriously closed down without any warning after just a year. And I really enjoy the CF programming so I came across CF416 which was the closest to my place.

I loved the programming as well as the coaches. And that’s when I met Steph (I miss her) in my first ever 416 class – since we were the slowest runners in the class😅😅. The gym has gotten a lot bigger now and is being run more professionally with a lot more offerings.  Also, a lot of new faces in term of the members and new coaches.

It’s hard to pick a proudest  moment – any new PRs is always a proud moment to me. But the proudest one is when I did the open wod18.2 RX – the only one and only open WOD that I did RX for 😅😅😅. I even retook the WOD – also RX and finished ðŸ˜….

Right now I’m working on mostly gymnastic movements – Pull ups, linking T2B and freaking handstand 😅😅

If I could create a WOD:

1K row
5 rounds of
8 Hang power clean (135/95)
8 Push jerk (135/95)
20 DU
20 situps

I have so many favourite memories- any new PRs either by myself or anyone else during the class or when people are cheering and motivating the others during the class. I always look forward to coming everyday and seeing my gym bffs. I have made so many new friends at the gym and I love the energy and vibe during the class as well as the competitions.

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