Annual Plan!

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Annual Plan!

At the end of the year Dana and I sit down with each coach and employee at CrossFit 416 to chat about what they’re looking to achieve in the upcoming year. As an employer I feel that it is my duty to provide as much opportunity possible to help my staff achieve their goals year to year. By understanding what our employees are looking to achieve we can better plan the upcoming year for the gym.

There are 5 main components of the plan that we look at:

•  Income – This can be a “blue sky” question, but ultimately it should be based around any big purchases that you’re looking make over the year, and then work backwards to create a plan to get there.

•  Travel/Vacations – What trips do you want to take this year? If you don’t like to travel, this can include time away from work so that you can recharge.

•  Education – Learning should never end! Whether for personal or professional development. Seek out learning opportunities in the form of books, seminars, certifications, conferences – whatever floats your boat.

•  Service – What aspect of your career do you want to improve on? What weaknesses can you overcome that will help propel you forward.

•  Health/Fitness – What are your fitness goals for the year? Do you want to get stronger? Lose weight? Run a marathon? Do a fitness show? Fix your nagging shoulder injury? Set that goal and hold yourself accountable.

I am a firm believer that planning and outlining targets like this will lead to motivation. Motivation leads to action. Action leads to results.

As the saying goes “Failure to plan is planning to fail.”

I encourage you to sit down before the new year and build out a plan based on the above categories (you can even add more like “Family” and “Relationships”) and review your plan monthly to see if you’re making progress.

When you’re done, tell your favourite coach what you want to achieve in the new year and we will help to hold you accountable while supporting you along the way!

– Dan

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