416 League Wrap-Up

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416 League Wrap-Up

We’ve heard it straight from you, the members: this years Open was the most engaging, well attended and community driven by far.

The effort and time put into team costumes and spirit was fantastic to see. We want to shout out Team Gin and Tonics, with team captain Marta, for having the most spirit during 416 League and totally creating a fun and supportive atmosphere within their team and the gym. They won the most amount of team spirit points possible each week. It’s stuff like this that showcases how awesome our 416 community is!

Not only spirit, but performance is of course an important factor during the Open. Team Flex Appeal, led by captain James had top performing athletes on their team, with at least 2 guys and 2 girls finishing in the top 3 every week. It wasn’t enough to take the big win but it was exciting to see these top athletes throw-down during the final heats of Friday Night Lights. Good work guys.

Team Dave Castrators, led by captain Kailee had the whole package, spirit and performance, holding the top spot for 4 weeks, with the most amount of participation points (aka the most amount of athletes completing workouts and submitting their scores). Great job team!

Last but definitely not least, as they ended up taking 416 League for the big win, is team Skittles led by captain Regan. They had spirit, they had strong athletes and they also had the most amount of big points wins out of any other team, with many of the teams athletes winning most spirited and performer of the night.

Yes, 416 League was a competition but the goal was to bring teams together in a fun, laid back competitive atmosphere. You guys were always willing to judge one another, cheer each other on, offer a fist bump or two – and a few PR hugs at that! Every night was perfectly ended with a couple beers at Loch and Quay to share our challenges and accomplishments during each weeks gruelling workout.

I am so happy to be a part of this growing community and 416 League will definitely be a tradition we will continue to build and grow on every year during the Open. Till next year. It’s time to focus on our 2018 goals to better ourselves for the years to come!

-Coach Hannah


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