416 Classic

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416 Classic

Attention all members! 

The sign-up for our Annual 416 Classic is now open! Wondering what the 416 Classic is all about? Here is what the 2018 edition will include:

Max load testing of the Snatch and Clean and Jerk completed in a ladder format!  The ladder will be set up with predetermined weights and wherever each individual stalls out will determine the weight used to complete part B.  Your score will be determined by weight lifted/body weight.

Part B: A barbell complex. This complex will be announced via social media on the day of competition and the weights will be based off of the most successful weight that you lifted during the ladders.

Excited yet?

Date: Friday Sept 21, 2018

Time: Athlete Brief and weigh in – 6:30pm | Competition start – 7pm

Cost: $25

All CrossFit 416 members are encouraged to sign up no matter your skill level! Strap on your lifters, slink into your onesie and let’s get ready to LIFT!

Sign up online here or at the Front Desk!

If you have any questions, please email hannah@crossfit416.ca or dana@crossfit416.ca

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