2018 Open Prep Cycle!

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2018 Open Prep Cycle!

Welcome to the CF 416 2018 Open Prep Cycle!


Over the next two months our main goal will be to prepare you mentally and physically for the 5-week pain cave beginning on February 22. If you’re unfamiliar with The Open it is a worldwide competition that consists of 5 workouts in 5 weeks. A fitness challenge of CrossFitters from all around the world going head to head for a chance at a spot at Regionals and in turn the CrossFit Games. Most importantly it is a test against yourself and chance to support your CF 416 family. Our goals include: increasing mental toughness, familiarizing you with open specific movements, and increase physiological adaptation for Open style rep schemes.


Open prep during the next 8 weeks will include the following:


  • Barbell Cycling – developing your ability to efficiently cycle through high-rep Olympic Lifting. Traditionally we train these lifts for maximal weight/technical focus, we will now spend time on developing endurance in these movements. All variations of Snatch and Clean & Jerk will be seen throughout the 8 weeks
  • Gymnastic Skill/Volume Training – Looking back on the gymnastic movements seen in the open, we will have dedicated days improving proficiency and efficiency of these movements such as Chest-to-bar, Toes-to-bar, Bar Muscle Ups, Handstand Push Ups, Ring Muscle ups
  • Endurance/Pacing/GPP: Simple on paper, but your ability to work just below what is known as your lactate threshold will give you a critical advantage in CrossFit style workouts. This is a skill that needs to be trained, and a feeling that needs to be experienced in order to improve it.  If you’ve ever gone out of the gate to hot on a workout and struggled the rest of the way, you understand why this skill is important.
  • 11.1-17.5 – Prepare to see Open workout from the last 7 years. Not only will completing these again help us prepare for this years open but also provides an opportunity to compare past results or create new benchmarks!
  • Absolute Strength Maintenance –All our strength work completed throughout the year leads up to the beginning of our season. So consider this our “in season training”, we are not looking to make strength gains, but to maintain all of our hard-earned gains from the entire year


Schedule and daily breakdown


Monday – Barbell Skill/Strength + WOD

Tuesday – Barbell Skill/Strength + WOD

Wednesday – Gymnastic Skill/Volume Training + WOD

Thursday – Endurance/Pacing/GPP

Friday – Barbell Skill/Strength + WOD

Saturday – Partner WOD Sunday – Barbell Skill/Strength + WOD


Our coaching team is extremely excited to coach you guys through the next 8 weeks. Time to get a little competitive, dial in our nutrition, prioritize recovery and get our mindset right. But of course – let’s have a sh*tload of fun. See you in class!


-Coach Koo

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