2018 CrossFit Open @ 416

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2018 CrossFit Open @ 416

Things you should know about completing the Open at 416:

1)Every Friday we host Friday Night Lights from 6:30pm-9:30pm.  There are only 50 spots available each week to participate.  Sign-up is reserved for members who have registered for the CrossFit Open on games.crossfit.com .  Friday night 6:30pm class and Open Gym are Cancelled for the next 5 weeks.

2)Sign-up for FNL is open on Wednesday’s @ 12pm.

3)Heats will be created and emailed to all participants by 1pm on Friday.

4)If you are unable to reserve a spot in FNL or you want to retest the WOD, you may complete the workout in one of the following times and will need to ask a friendly CF416 member to judge you:

-Friday class times – We will complete the Open WOD each Friday as our class programming

-Saturday, Sunday, or Monday Open Gym

5)All scores must be submitted online by 5pm on Monday

6)All score validations will be completed by Monday at 8pm

7)Preference for FNL reservations will be given to people who are officially signed up for the CrossFit Open.

8)If you’re not participating, we encourage you to come and watch!


Good Luck!!!!


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