17.4 Tips and Strategy

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17.4 Tips and Strategy


Mobility & Warm-up: Glutes, hips, ankles, shoulders, triceps. Get comfortable in your squat, make sure hammies & glutes are fired up. Go into this workout fired up and with a sweat!

17.4 is…16.4!!!! A repeat workout. One of the beautiful things about CrossFit is your ability to measure progress, and by repeating past workouts you put yourself in a position to do exactly that. If this is your first time doing this workout then this is your chance to set your first benchmark!

What we have in store this week is a chipper, but a chipper including movements that compliment one another. The order of movements go from a pull (Deadlift) -push (Wall Balls) -pull (Row for calories) -push (HSPU), which will still require you to work and breathe hard but muscle fatigue between movements won’t be as high allowing yourself to go straight into the next movement.

Let’s break down strategy within each movement but keep one thing in mind, DO NOT GO TO FAILURE! Red-lining during this workout is setting you up for a no bueno situation.

Deadlifts: You want to complete smaller sets that will allow short, consistent rest. If you complete them in bigger sets, that will force you into a longer rest period which is not favorable in this workout. Depending on your own personal strength and work capacity the RX weight can be heavy enough to cause fatigue fairly quickly so be smart with your reps and sets!

Wall Balls: Break these up into bigger sets than your deadlifts, but once again let’s choose an amount that will allow you to stay consistent prioritizing short rest periods. Make every rep count so hit your target so hit your depth! Wall balls can be taxing on the lungs, so remember to breathe at the top of the movement and stay strong in the catch and squat portion of the movement.

Row: This is all about tempo and breathing! You either love the rower or you hate it, no matter what the trick about this is to make each pull count. Being consistent with proper technique will go a long way to ensure you maintain a low heart rate so that you’re not huffing and puffing before the next movement. Choose long, powerful, consistent pulls over short and fast if you want the calories to tick away faster. Maintain strong consistent breathing to keep the body relaxed as well a loose grip on the handle to avoid expending more energy than necessary. PRO TIP: when the arms bend, the power ends!

HSPU: Break these up into smaller sets, smaller than you think! We do not want to be going to failure to risk any no-reps throughout this set, so choose smaller sets with consistent rest. The standard for this movement is challenging, so if you notice that you are missing the target try getting closer to the wall and/or bringing your hands closer together. Note that changing your set up will make these feel different so make sure during your warm up sets you are hitting the standard each time! If you are not competent with this movement, we want to ensure that you do not go to failure. So think big explosive kips, heels up and head through the window!

Mindset: Strategy is required when completing a chipper, so make sure you have a game plan to set you up for the most success throughout the workout. Know your limits with each individual movement and manage fatigue by completing smart sets and reps. If HSPU are your limiting factor for this workout, set a goal to bang out a couple, maybe even your first!! If you are a HSPU wizard, then remember that this is an AMRAP and let’s get back to the deads and wall balls. But as always, we should always prioritize our FUN!

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