17.3 Tips & Strategy

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17.3 Tips & Strategy

17.3 Tips & Strategy


17.3 is a C2B and Squat Snatch couplet! Every 3 rounds the C2B reps increase and the snatch reps decrease, however the weight increases significantly. So before looking at the weights that you CAN’T do, let’s focus on what you CAN do and set you up for a successful workout!!


Mobility: Ankles, hips, glutes, lats, shoulder internal rotation.


C2B: Butterfly, kipping or strict. Use the variation you are most comfortable with, this is not the workout to try a new technique, every rep counts! Complete them in sets that won’t tax you out, quick singles on and off will also help make up some time. Avoid double kipping or hanging on the bar for any unnecessary time. If you struggle with C2B, use the initial jump up to the bar as momentum into your first kip and give a big pull!


Squat Snatches: Looking at the loads right away you can probably identify that weight is the deciding factor on whether you make it into the next round or not…. don’t let this discourage you!!! Focus on completing the reps at the weights you’re capable of as fast as you can and treat any remaining time on a couple attempts at a new snatch PR!


Warm up smart. Start with an empty barbell warm up that is focused on technique, speed and consistency then start working up to the weight that you will be successful at. Have confidence in your lifts, big chest, eyes forward.


Barbell cycling will save some time so use this technique if you can complete 15 unbroken comfortably and consistently when fresh. Break it up into manageable sets that will allow quick breaks. If you are not consistent with barbell cycling then complete the reps in quick singles, make sure you set up properly and don’t rush it!!



This is a snatch workout not a pull up workout. High rep Olympic lifting under fatigue can breed interesting technique and form. It is always important to remain focused and calm throughout and in between movements. Coming off the C2B’s will make the heavy snatch weight feel even heavier – so don’t be afraid to take a bit of time to regroup and attack the weight. Treat that heavy barbell like your prey in the jungle, focus your gaze on it, envision a successful lift then GO FOR IT!!!


If you have a lot of time remaining for snatch attempts, optimize the time to build up to the next weight and gain some confidence before hitting the next load that does count.


Remember: don’t be discouraged by the loads in this workout. 17.3 is forcing us to get uncomfortable which all helps us grow as athletes. You may fail some reps, you may PR, whatever happens remember that this is just another test! This is Castro lighting a fire under your ass to always strive to be better. Let’s get our mind right and have some FUN!!!!!!

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