17.2 – Tips and Strategy

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17.2 – Tips and Strategy

Pep Talk

17.2 is grippy as hell!! Every movement in this workout requires you to be holding on at some point so we need to prioritize grip management. Break-up the movements from the get-go and save your forearms. You want to avoid them blowing up early in the workout!! Quick breaks will be key in continuous movement throughout this workout and minimizing forearm fatigue. We want to make EVERY REP COUNT!! The bar muscle ups will be what separates most people since they are a more technical movement and require more grip strength so we want to set ourselves up for the most success in previous rounds to have at er!


Mobility: Internal shoulder rotation. Barbell smash, lacrosse ball smash, banded bully. Opening up and working on your internal rotation will allow for smoother transitions and more comfortable hanging positions on the bar

– Forearms lacrosse ball smash



Poor grip leads to re-grips which taxes the forearms. So wrap your thumbs around on pull-up bar, and do not death grip the dumbbells.


Dumbbell Walking Lunges: Must have your hands wrapped around dumbbells & bisecting your body

  • Grip: Loose grip, hold the back of the DB handle. Allow the dumbbells to rest on your body as much as possible.
  • Do not death grip, unnecessary
  • March: ensures consistency that you finish each rep full ROM. Slower but accurate. Keep breathing throughout each lunge and keep your torso upright, you want to keep your lungs as open as possible
  • Continuous: will allow for a faster completion, but make sure you fully extend your hips at the top otherwise your reps will not count.



  • Grip: Thumbs wrapped, knuckles up, outside shoulder width. Palms in contact with the bar, wear fucking tape!

Rep strategy

  • Complete in sets of about 30% of your max reps to save your grip
  • 4 x 4 maybe 8 & 8 first round
  • 180 TTB for singles to save precious time. Singles are only effective if you KEEP MOVING. Could be a good choice to save grip for upcoming BMU
  • Low bars are your friend. If you choose a bar that’s too high to get up to, you will expend more energy than necessary jumping up to the bar and jumping down.
  • Keep your kips tight, you want to minimize the distance your body has to travel


Dumbbell Power Cleans

  • Muscle Clean: More efficient movement and time saver. The key is to think about using your legs!! Think kettlebell swing. Arms stay long at the bottom of the movement to relieve unnecessary tension in your arms throughout the movement
  • Power Clean: If the weight is a limiting factor, use a power clean and jump your feet out. Think big shrug and using your legs to get the weight up to your shoulders. Since the dumbbells aren’t a fixed object, gaining control of the weight can be tricky. Use your whole body to lift these weights
  • Rep Strategy: If you intend on breaking them up and weight is not an issue 7 + 1 then go straight into the next round of lunges. If weight is an issue in sets of 2 or 3, go with what is manageable without taxing your grip.


Bar Muscle Ups

  • Jump into your first kip to gain some momentum. Keep your body tight during these kips.
  • Kip: When pulling, think hips to the bar and slightly bend your arms. Keep toes low.
  • Turnover: Tight body position and think fastest sit up ever! Avoid chicken wing arms by pushing down on the bar using both hands
  • Linking reps: rest on your belly and re-grip at the top. Momentum downwards will help propel you into your next reps.
  • Singles: Jump into first kip


Kipping Pull Ups

  • Avoid stringing together big sets
  • Jump into your first kip
  • Body positions: squeeze your butt and lock your legs
  • Momentum: If you are linking reps, ensure you are pushing away at the top and are not holding at the top. Holding will tax you out more than necessary!


Game Time Strategy:

  • Understand what your capabilities are and plan around it. Linking reps when fresh is incredibly different than linking reps in the middle of a workout. Think smart and set yourself up for success!
  • Warm-ups are incredibly important. It is getting your body primed and ready to attack this workout. Don’t skip past it, enjoy it and take advantage to get FIRED UP.
  • Once you’re warmed up, take 3-5 minutes to get your mind right.
  • No freaking out allowed


Mental Strategy

  • Movements may feel easy from the get-go, but devise a plan and STICK TO IT.
  • Stay calm during the workout and think about the task at hand
  • If you miss a rep, do not freak out! Shake it off and get right back on to it. Freaking out doesn’t help anyone
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Your priority- HAVE FUN.



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