17.1 Recovery Tips

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17.1 Recovery Tips

17.1 was a hard workout on the low back.  To help you get moving again and recover a little faster follow the soft tissue work and active recovery workout below.

Soft Tissue Work

Low Back Smash:

-Using a lacrosse ball lay on your back and place the ball just above your pelvis and position your feet up on a box.  Focus on keeping your midline engaged so that you can maintain a neutral spinal position.  Overextending by tilting your pelvis will make the pain worse.

-Shift your hips toward one side, and grind back and forth against the grain of the muscle and slowly smash the tissue.

-Spend 2 minutes on each side of your spine.


Oblique Side Smash

-Using a foam roller start on your side with the roller positioned between your rbcage and hipbone

-Roll toward your toward your side and twist your torso over the roller, smashing your oblique, QL , and high glute

-Put your arm overhead to increase the smashing sensation

-Spend 2 minutes on each side


Classic Spinal Twist

-Lay on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground

-Keep your left shoulder flush with the ground, drop your knees to your right side

-With your right hand over your left knee, pulling it toward the mat, straighten your left arm, and turn your head toward your left side


Active Recovery 

Further to the soft tissue work, the guys at ActiveLife Rx put together a great active recovery workout, to bring blood flow back to your low back and glutes and prepare you for the next week at 17.2.  Here are the movements, and check out the video below.

Row, Run, or Bike for 5 minutes

For 10 minutes at light tempo:

5 x Sciatic Nerve Flossing each leg

5 x Cat Camel

5 x Plank to Down Dog

5 x Paused Overhead Squat with Dowel


10 Minutes at a light tempo:

15 Sec Supinated Bar Hang

10 sec Alternating Reverse Samson Stretch Lunge

5 x 1 Arm DB thrusters each side, pause at top and bottom


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