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Workout of the Day (WOD)


CrossFit 416 Daily – Monday, August 29th

News and Notes:

  • Check out the latest article from our in-house Sports Dietitian Emilie Trottier, Struggling to Reach your Health Goals?
  • We are beginning a new training cycle for the next four weeks.  The main focus will be on the Olympic Lifts, as we lead up to the CrossFit 416 Classic weightlifting competition on September 23rd.  Here is a breakdown of the cycle:
    • Monday – Back Squats + WOD
    • Tuesday – Snatch Accessory work, Snatch ,+ WOD
    • Wednesday – Gymnastics Skills + WOD
    • Thursday – Clean and Jerk Accessory work, Clean and Jerk, + WOD
    • Friday – Long MetCon




Back Squat

3 x 5 reps

– Start at a load that will allow for an increase week to week



On the Minute for 14 minutes

Even: 12 x Wallballs

Odd: 45 x single Unders or 40 seconds of double under attempts




Back Squat

3 x 8 reps @ 65% 5×01 tempo



On the minute for 14 minutes

Even: 20 x Wallball(20/14)

Odd: 45 x Double Unders

Supplements and Snake Oil



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